Worst Things to Say to People Suffering from Teen Depression

Though the number of children being affected by teen depression problem is on the increase, it cannot be assumed that many people are aware how to handle the affected children. Only when they come to know that their own children have been affected by this problem, they take steps to know about it.

The unfortunate fact is that those who are suffering from teen depression may not be able to tolerate the normal utterances or comments made by others. In fact, some of the words spoken to them or utterances made to them may disturb or irritate them. Therefore, people should know what to talk and what not to talk to these affected teens. The following are the worst things that should not be told to teens affected by depression.

Why Do You Whine Constantly?

This is one of the main but common questions the affected teens may detest. They may come to know that no one cares about their whining and this may irritate them more.

Don’t You Get Tired By Always Talking About Yourself?

This question may also irritate children with teen depression since you will be pointing out one of the shortcomings in them.

It Is Your Perspective

This statement may not be viewed kindly by teens with depression. They may have all along been thinking that their problems are real. In fact, some of their problems may be real also. But if someone makes a statement like this, they may certainly get annoyed.

No One Will Ever Accept That Life Is Fair To Them

This is another statement that evokes sharp responses from the affected teens because by making this statement, you are accusing them that they are just like others who always complain that life has never been kind to them.

I Hope You Are Better Now

You may have discussed about their problem not long ago. So, when you make this statement, they may think that you are teasing them. It may certainly irritate the teens with depression. You may have made the statement with good intentions but they may not view it as you do.

You Have To Grow Up

By making this statement, you are telling your opinion that the teens have not grown to such an extent so as to ignore or brush aside their problems.

You Should Refrain From Pitying Yourself

This is another statement that may induce anger in the teens. By making this observation, you intend to convey to them that they have no necessity to pity themselves. If you want to irritate them more, you can add that there are a number of other people who face worse situations than they are facing. If you do not mind facing their ire, you can combine both the statements.

You Have Everything Good. Why Are You Unhappy?

Children who have been affected by teen depression may be thinking that they are in a helpless situation though in reality, they may have everything. So, when you make this statement, they are certain to show their wrath on you.

Today Is A Great Day

For people with depression, every day is a bad day and so, if you pass this remark, they may be irritated to a great extent.

There may be many such questions and statements that may worsen the mood of children with teen depression. You should avoid making these statements or asking these questions so as not to irritate them.

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