About Dr. Sarah

sarahA Different Kind of Therapy

Dr. Sarah was born an empath and knew that she wanted to be a psychologist since she was a teenager. She had a simple goal: to help people. While in graduate school, Dr. Sarah struggled to embrace some of the traditional modalities of therapy. She wanted to know why certain methods were still being used that have never been proven to be effective. Why was anyone using methods that were not evidence-based? In fact, with some methods, what little research has been done, has shown to do more harm than good. Dr. Sarah ONLY uses evidence-based therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that have been PROVEN to work.

While in graduate school, Dr. Sarah consistently received feedback that she “cared too much” and was “too honest”. Many therapists just placate and tell you what they think you want to hear. Dr. Sarah jokingly calls them “bobble head therapists”. Dr. Sarah has a way of delivering her message in an empathetic, and warm manner that feels refreshingly transparent which is essential for trust. This non-judgmental way of compassionately challenging people is the only path for growth and change.

Dr. Sarah works all over California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, La Quinta and Silicon Valley. She is expertly trained in depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, ADHD, narcissism and narcissistic abuse survivors, and celebrity, high profile clientele. She works with adults, teens and couples.

Teens find her relatable and they trust her. Parents who have struggled to find the right therapist for years, have called her the “teen whisperer”. Dr. Sarah is also a seasoned expert of high-conflict couples with extremely challenging dynamics. She also offers “intensives”, which are extended couple’s sessions. Dr. Sarah has worked with celebrity and high-profile clientele for over fifteen years. She works with actors, musicians, professional athletes and professional models. Although celebrities struggle with many of the same issues we all do, they are also faced with niche issues such as “fish-bowl” living with unrelenting public criticism and scrutiny, victim to gross manipulation and opportunism, distortions of reality, etc. Dr. Sarah helps these individuals stay grounded, find inner peace, develop coping skills to block out the white noise, strategize to weed out takers, eliminate imposter syndrome, etc. Dr. Sarah meets these clientele in their homes for supplementary convenience and security.

Dr. Sarah is a think outside the box, progressive, modern therapist. She is not bound by these antiquated, ineffective methods simply because that is what has been done. As one of the top psychologists in California, Dr. Sarah applies the same dedication to each client she works with. It is due to this extraordinary, progressive level of service that many of her clients consider her to be the best therapist in California.

San Francisco

3610 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, California

Phone: (415) 887-7650, ext. 2

Silicon Valley

1040 Noel Drive, Suite 202
Menlo Park, California

Phone: (650) 268-9787, ext. 2

Beverly Hills

9107 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 450
Beverly Hills, CA

Phone: (310) 984-6847, ext. 2