What to Avoid when Dealing with Teen Depression

Teen depression is becoming a major problem because the number of adolescents getting affected by this problem has been increasing at an alarming pace. Parents, teachers and all those who have concern for the society are justifiably worried about this. Though they can contain this problem by making concerted efforts, it may not be possible to completely get rid of it because this is a problem with the mind.

Those with teen depression should avoid doing certain things. If you are an adolescent and if you have been affected by this problem, you should also refrain from indulging in certain activities.

Activities You Should Avoid


Many teens who are depressed may be sad and the reasons for their sadness may not be strong. But the bitter fact is that they may be feeling sad. In order to forget their so-called worries, they may booze. You, as an affected person, should understand that boozing may get you a purely temporary relief. Once you become sober, you will again relapse into your sad mood. You cannot always remain inebriated because you may know that it is highly harmful and apart from that, you may not have the financial wherewithal for buying the alcoholic beverages that can help you forget your sad feelings. Most importantly, your teen depression may worsen due to this habit.


Some people think that painkillers may give them relief. It is true that painkillers can be effective if you have real physical pains. But if this habit turns into an addiction, it can cause more harm than good.

Compulsive Eating Or Comfort Food

Experts have found out that some of those who are depressed may find solace in over-eating and that is why they have named it as comfort food. This may start on a small scale but after some time, it may become a habit. You may not be able to control the habit. This may increase the chances of getting overweight that may again lead to a lot of other ailments. In other words, compulsive eating or comfort food is not going to benefit you at all. It may rather put spokes to your efforts of fighting your teen depression problem.


The next habit you should avoid if you have been affected by teen depression is shopping. You may have a thrill when you buy the things you want. But if you do shopping for finding relief from your problem, you may buy those things you may not require at all. This will deplete your finances and apart from that, you will not derive any pleasure out of it. You may rather be worsening your situation because financial woes may compound your problem.


Teens who have been affected by depression may think that they can get relief for their problem if they have frequent sex. In fact, they may try to have sex with many new people. Everyone knows what may happen due to this. In short, this habit may harm these people both physically and mentally.


Self-harming is common with many adolescents who have been diagnosed of teen depression problem. Apart from causing physical pain, this habit will not have any positive effect on their mood.

Excessive Sleeping

There are many teens who may over-sleep when they are depressed. This may harm their health because by being inactive, they become susceptible to a number of physical complications. Further, their mood will not get better by over-sleeping. Once they wake up, their sadness or melancholy will start working with a renewed force.

Suicidal Thoughts

Teens who have been affected severely by depression problem may have suicidal tendencies. They should learn to avoid these thoughts. By diverting their minds, they can avoid these thoughts. In fact, by having suicidal thoughts, they will not be solving their teen depression problem because this is nothing but an escapist attitude. Apart from that, they may leave all their relatives and friends in grief.

In short, children with teen depression should know what to avoid. Even if they do not know, their parents or teachers should educate these children so that they can refrain from indulging in such activities or having such thoughts.

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