Why Do Teens Face Social Skills Issues

Social Skills, teensWhy Do Teens Face Social Skills Issues

Teenagers are often unable to cope with societal pressures, of say academics or social conduct. They become depressed by failing their parents’ expectations on a regular basis. Many normal teens have social issues. However, there are also many autistic teenagers who carry forward the social anxiety of their childhood to their teenage. For them, it is even harder to cope in a society with a certain conduct. There has been ample research regarding various teen social skills issues, but there is no ultimate of full-proof solution for autistic teens to overcome the social anxiety completely. As a parent, you can only try to make them feel comfortable.

How to help your teenager tackle social skills issues

Teenagers usually face teen social skills issues because they are fearful of the fact that they may not be accepted in their peer groups. Usually, children who are loved by their parents will experience certain emotional security by the time they reach teenage. However, those teens who do not receive appreciation or encouragement from their immediate family are unsure of themselves. They feel as though they would fail the expectations of the society, much like they failed their parents’. As a parent, you must help your child by appreciating and acknowledging his or her talents.

Why do teens face anxiety?

There could be several reasons for teen social skills issues. It is mainly due to stress and the fear of failure. They may be going through peer pressure. For example, if your teen is a geek, he or she may not feel comfortable about his or her presence with other so-called “cool” people. They will feel ashamed of their smartness and think that it is of no use, if they cannot socialize with other people.

Teenagers face anxiety also because of the fact that they are unable to cope with their parents’ expectations and feel awkward in social gatherings when they are around their parents. Parents sometimes tend to make their children realize their failure, as they think it shall serve as negative motivation. But parents need to understand that not every child responds to negative motivation in a good way.

Societal pressures

Not just the parents, even others around the teenager can cause social fear in the teen. Almost all adults around the teen try to mold teens in their own way. For example, at times, the child feels annoyed of the fact that every other aunt or uncle is questioning the teen about his or her career plan. They may start avoiding social gatherings to avoid these annoying and dominating relatives. As a parent, you must show your support for the child at all times, regardless of what relatives might think.

For example, do not discourage your teenager from pursuing an unconventional career path, such as of a novelist or a dancer, just because you feel that these professions shall be faced with criticism by the society and your relatives. Ensure that your teenage child is happy at all times.

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