Why Do Teenagers Face Relationship Problems?

Why Do Teenagers Face Relationship Problems?

teens and relationships, teens and relationship problems, teen depressionRelationships are not easy to tackle, even for adults. So you cannot expect your teenager child to be successful with his or her relationships at one go. You must let your teen child to relax and accept them with their mistakes. These mistakes are lessons in life. These early experiences are crucial to every teen’s life, as it molds the person they turn out to be. You must be very careful while training your teenager kid, so that the child does not regret any decisions made later on in life. This can be done by maintaining a pleasant environment at home. Children learn fast by observing their parents. So, if you display signs of a happy marriage, your child shall also follow suit. But children may still have issues dealing with relationships.

Teen friendships: Are they complicated?

Teen friendships can be tricky to maintain. These relationships spring up, especially when the teenager becomes detached from his family members. He looks for pleasure elsewhere. This detachment and consequential search for a partner happens, owing to the fact that the child feels that only same age people can understand each other’s psyche. The teen has trouble relating to adults. Teenagers look for friends with whom they can discuss their fears as well as anxieties. These friendships stem out of common interests and loyalty. This sense of loyalty can neither be felt during childhood, nor as an adult.

Teenage relationships and its dynamics

Friendships may turn out to be healthy relationship, which are long lasting, but romantic relationships can be difficult to maintain. This is because teenagers can identify with their best buddies, while they have to put up a show in most cases. They pretend to be someone else, just to please their beloved partner. But for how long can they put up the performance, they are bound to realize that they are doing something unworthy and quit eventually.

It has been observed that teenagers can be positively aggressive if they seek revenge. Teenage girls seek revenge by ill-mouthing their friends or partner, if they have been hurt by the concerned person, in the past. These are like verbal assaults, which are humiliating for the person at the receiving end. On the other hand, teenage boys only withdraw from whoever caused them the hurt and let things remain as they are.

Teenagers bond better with friends of the same sex more often than not. Boys like to open up to boys and girls are more comfortable sharing issues with other girls. There are a few cases, but very rare, where teenagers gel with the opposite sex. This could be attributed to the fact that they are in a self-discovery phase.

As a parent, it is only normal that you worry about the company your teenager is in, but you must trust them and teach them to choose the right path for themselves. They may not always be the best judge, as they are not as experienced in life, like you. Do not expect them to always make the right decision. Let them make their own mistakes and learn about life in its due course. Do not hasten a natural process.

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