Why Do Children Feel Anxious?

Why Do Children Feel Anxious?

children, anxiety, anxious children,Anxiety is a common among people of all age groups. Be it toddlers, children, preteens, teenagers, or adults all tend to get anxious. It is hard to overcome anxiety since it causes a lot of stress. It stems from fear of something. Toddlers fear loud noise. But fear is not always a negative feeling – it makes you cautious and prepares you for the worst situation possible. Children often hide anxiety behind smiles or introvert behavior. This is because they are unable to express their fears and anxieties freely with anyone. As a parent you must keep a check on your child’s mannerisms.

How to identify children with anxiety?

Children with anxiety are often unnoticed because parents do not have the knowledge regarding the same. There are a few symptoms that can be spotted in children, which indicate clear signs of anxiety.

Children often exhibit signs of perpetual pessimism. They think negatively about everything. They predict the worst case scenario for every situation. They become highly critical of themselves and blame themselves for everything that goes wrong in the world. They often show aggression, anger, restlessness, rebellious behavior and throw tantrums. They also tend to cry often, and keep poor health. They face regular stomach ache, headache, as well as sleep disorders. They often face separation anxiety have a poor ability to concentrate. They withdraw from activities and family interactions, and have a low appetite.

How to help your child overcome anxiety?

It is your duty as a parent to teach your child overcome anxiety. Children with anxiety benefit from parents’ love and support. You could initiate this by making a structured routine for him to follow. This helps the child believe in stability in events. He or she feels a sense of control over situations. In addition to that, you must pay heed to a child’s basic needs. Ensure that you allot time for spending some quality time with your child, where your child can feel free with you and express their desires and fears. Physical exercise is also required for a growing child. Not to mention, that it is a great stress buster.

The talking cure

Big issues can be resolved with the help of the talking cure. While spending quality time with your child you must ensure that you enquire about your child’s dreams and ambitions in life. You must motivate your child to pursue things which he or she enjoys doing. If your child shows you a work of art that they created, you must appreciate their efforts. When your child feels that he has your support, he shall feel comfortable and attain a certain emotional security. This emotional security reduces your child’s anxiety and stress levels.

You must give him a chance to express his feelings. The child must find a confidante in you. This lays groundwork for your child’s teenage years to come. It is because once he begins to trust you at a tender age, he will surely confide in you with everything else.

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