How to Tackle Your Anxious Teen

How to Tackle Your Anxious Teen

anxious teen, teens, anxiety, anxious teensAnxiety is a common factor which a number of people experience at different stages in life. Teen anxiety can be stressful and difficult to conquer, if the teenager does not get love and support from his or her parents. Normal teenagers face a lot of fears that remain unresolved and haunt them for years. They begin to get poor grades in school and fail miserably in sports as well as physical activities. This usually happens as a consequence of believing that the problem is permanent. Teenagers usually remain quiet about their anxieties because they feel it is a problem which only they understand. They either share it with their closest friends, or indulge in substance abuse, which makes them forget about the problem, at least temporarily. This is why, as a parent you should know how to identify teen anxiety and eradicate it as soon as possible.

Signs which indicate anxiety in teens

Very often teens feel anxious even in the absence of a possible threat. They remain introvert and aloof in social gatherings. You need to identify these signs and gauge that your child is suffering from anxiety. There also a number of physical signs which are easy to spot. Teen anxiety may be accompanied with your child complaining about stomach ache, headache, or muscular cramps on a regular basis. The anxious teen may sweat or blush when initiated conversation with. These signs are evident because they are socially awkward and easily stand out in a social gathering.

Perpetual anxiety is dangerous. It may lead teenagers to feel rebellious and impulsive. They may indulge in drug abuse or reckless sexual behavior. Girls are often reported to be panicky. They panic about every other thing, as they do not know how to cope with it. A panic attack is a painful experience for a teenager. He or she may feel doomed or in sheer discomfort, as though, there is no way out the situation. It is unhealthy for his or her body, as the nerves are constantly tensed and worked up. As a parent, you need to help your child to solve day-to-day problems with a smile. This will reduce your child’s tension.

Cause of teen anxiety

Teen anxiety stems from constant phobias. Teens experience a stressful situation where they are unable to meet some expectations. These phobias could range from difficult situations such as failing in an examination or not being able to submit an assignment on time. These phobias are consequential to childhood experiences. If, as a child, the teenager was reluctant to go to school because of a strict teacher, it is only normal that now also, as a teenager, the person is afraid of anyone who speaks in a loud voice with him or her.

Some researchers have discovered that anxiety can be inherent too. You could be born with the anxiety gene if either of your parents suffers from it. It is both acquired and inherent. Since children pick up on parents’ attitudes, they can copy a parent’s nervous behavior, assuming it to be normal behavior. So, as a parent, you must take care of how you behave in front of your child.

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