How Can You Help Your Teenager from Depression

How Can You Help Your Teenager from Depression

teens with depression, teens, depression, how to help teens with depressionTeenage is a crucial phase in a person’s life. It is a very delicate stage of life which can be challenging for some. Not every child is able to cope up with the pressures during their teenage. Teenagers experience physical changes. Production and secretion of certain hormones in an individual’s body for the first time can lead to varied outcomes in different people. It is normal to feel uneasy and irritable for no apparent reason. The reasons are biological and not very easy to identify. But the problem arises when these problems remain unresolved. Or they culminate into a more intense issue which must be given medical care.

How do you know if your teenage child is depressed?

Teen depression can be dealt with, without consulting a psychiatrist. Showing love and affection toward the child can help. To offer help, you must first diagnose the problem. Do not rush to conclusions by assuming that your child may be depressed. There are a certain factors or symptoms which will indicate the presence of depression in your child’s life.

If you see your teenager feeling irritable or angry at all times or if he or she appears to be inactive and bored, as though nothing makes him or her enjoy any more, then you must approach him with help. You must ask your child what are his plans for the day. If he answers in a disoriented way, saying that he is not sure and he does not wish to undertake anything, then there is reason for you to worry. Also, you should be aware of the fact that if your child is depressed, he or she may feel helpless, as though he cannot do anything to improvise his situation anymore; he gives up on life.

You may also find your child either oversleep or not sleep at all. He may be vulnerable to everything around and may tend to cry about everything that hurts him even a little. Teenagers also tend to stress eat, you may be surprised to see him put on a lot of weight all of a sudden. On the contrary, some teenagers stop eating, so they may start to shrink. You must keep a check on their diet and grades at school. Don’t let them feel hopeless and helpless. They may often complain of untimely and regular headaches and other physical issues.

How you can help your child conquer depression

Your child may be thinking of ending his or her misery for once and for all. You must stop your child from experimenting with his health and life. The best way to go about curing teen depression is by talking to them. It is no surprise that teens are reluctant towards sharing their issues, but as a parent, you need to understand what he or she might be going through and provide him with a certain emotional security.

You have to make them feel that no matter what happens in the world, you will always support them, regardless of their failures and issues in life. Make them understand that they are not the only ones who suffer from personality issues, there are many others, including yourself, who have at some point in life, struggled with these feelings. Once your child feels supported, they will open up to you and you can help them overcome depression.

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