5 Mistakes to Avoid While Dealing with Teens

Parenting teenagers was never really an easy task and is truly much more complicated than we could imagine. Parenting adolescents is like walking down a thin rope and at the slightest mistake one could stumble and fall. According to the study done by the American Psychological Association, teenage years are the most complicated period, both in the life of the adolescents and their parents.

Do not push your teens – be patient

Although parents love their kids, there are times when they are disturbed by their behavior and find it indomitable to deal with. During the trying years, the teens attempt to justify their independence and also prepare themselves to get ready for adulthood while leaving childhood behind. Teenagers often view themselves as a more matured person than they really are, which consequently leads to the differences of opinions and difficult behavior with parents. Good parenting in such circumstances is to ensure the safety of their children and dealing in a manner that assures positive behavior and healthiness on the teens’ side..

Do not pretend – act real to gain their trust

Firstly, parents should be extremely cautious to speak exactly what they mean, how they feel, and what they expect from their children. Teenagers of this century are a lot smarter than they actually get the credit for. Dealing with troubled teens becomes all the more troublesome when parents do not act real with them. The teens can easily differentiate when their parents are genuine and when they are not. Parents should always follow an honest approach when it comes to dealing with their moody teens.

Do away negativity in discussions

Parents should always try to avoid the word ‘but’. Ending every conversation with the ‘but’ followed by the long list of their mistakes does not help at all. While discussing with the teens about their maturity and how they want to amend a few of the domestic rules because they think themselves to be mature enough, they should not be told by parents that they would love to accept the change and then add the addendum with a ‘but’ at the end with all the things they have done wrong in the past. Parents should avoid scolding their child and use humor more often as a process

Engage you teen in the household.

Thirdly, teens should be allowed to have a say in the household rules. Letting them have a say makes it easier for them to follow the rules and also instills a sense of responsibility in them. Teens should always be prioritized by parents by staying connected with them and avoiding unwanted conflicts. Occasional family outings should be planned to create closeness with the kids. Constant affection and love are the simplest of ways for parenting troubled teens.

Respect your teens

Every teenager should be treated with respect, honor and love all the times. Constant screaming can never be of any help and adversely affects their emotions, causing them to be apprehensive as adults. Open communication is always a great way to know them better and is also an effective approach towards better parenting.

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