All about Dealing with Aspergers Syndrome

All about Dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome

asperger's in teens,asperger's syndrome, asperger's, depression in teens, teens with asperger'sAsperger’s Syndrome is a mental, developmental disorder. Asperger’s Syndrome usually affects teenagers. Such teens are commonly referred to as “Aspie teens”. This is a mental disorder similar to autism. The most common attribute of Aspie teens is social isolation and eccentric attitude in childhood. They are hesitant to communicate or have a conversation with anyone else. Their speech is also impaired, owing to inflectional abnormalities. Their body language seems clumsy. They usually have a focused area of interest, which does not allow any other normal age interests to get in. These interests could range from French Literature to door knobs!

School life and more for Aspies

Whether you are the parent or the patient, you are bound to face certain challenges if your child is suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is usually found in teenagers. Such teens are commonly referred to as “Aspie teens”. This is a mental disorder similar to autism. They are often looked upon with ridicule and they are bullied at school. Some cope with it well, by being indifferent to the cruel ways of the world, while some get caught up in the constant peer pressure.

School is beyond education for Aspie teens. It teaches them a lot about how to face the world and how to hold their heads high. In school, they are faced with a number of issues such as the pressure to get into college or get recruited somewhere. They do not cope with issues like financial independence and sexual desires very well.

Social disconnect and lack of communication

Teenage life is a difficult phase in an average person’s life. If someone has bigger issues during this age, it is very difficult for the person to cope with it. Aspies are faced with several social difficulties. They have abnormal mannerisms, which seem odd in society. The mannerisms differ from person to person. Some Aspies may speak loudly, avoid eye contact, violate the private space of others, and channel an ongoing conversation to his or her area of interest. Other Aspies may seem aloof, selfish, willful, and may also remain quiet the whole time. This is owing to the fact that Aspies are unable to share their views and thoughts with other people. They are unable to initiate social contact with anyone.

Being uncomfortable in their skin

Aspies often behave like adults. They are not comfortable acting their age. They want to be disciplined from a very young age. They do not have time for teenage stuff. This could be a doomed trait in a teenage boy or a girl, because fellow teens despise them for acting more mature than their age. They ignore fashion and they can have the same hair cut for years because they are not interested in different hairstyles of teenage life. Aspie boys often forget to shave, while Aspie girls forget to comb their hair.

Aspie teens often tend to remain in their preteen phase of life. They still like reading the same novels and watching the same films. They do not move on with time. Their mind does not grow at a normal pace. Aspie boys have poor hand eye coordination that exempts them from school sports – which is a hotspot to find dates and mingle with girls.

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