Why Do Couples Cheat in Relationships

It cannot be said that couples purposely cheat in relationships. But there are many reasons that induce them to make this choice. Experts say that the kernel for this decision may have been sown by a hurt or a wound.

Lack of freedom may be an inducing factor

If you are a woman and if you have married a man twice your age just because you thought you would feel secure with him, there are chances that you may choose to flirt with other men. This may be because the man you married may try to protect you excessively or may control the finances. You may have started thinking that you need more freedom and so, you may like to snap the shackles off. Such thoughts may induce you or similar women to cheat in relationships.

In the case of a husband, if he finds that his wife is not organized or if he thinks that she makes a mess of things, he may be impressed with those women who seem to be more organized and more confident.

Temporary amnesia

In both the instances, the woman or the man may choose to adopt the attitude of temporary amnesia and forget all the solemn promises they have made at the time of their marriage. They may like to flirt or if they really get the opportunity, may not hesitate to cheat in their relationships.

Anger and frustration

There can be other reasons also. Anger and frustration may be the other main factors that may induce couples to cheat their spouses. If a husband or a wife thinks that the spouse has not fulfilled his or her expectations or desires, there are chances he or she may choose to cheat on their spouses.

But all the factors described above are selfish reasons. If couples want to avoid cheating in relationships and save their marriages, they have to keep in mind certain important points.

Points to remember for avoiding cheating in relationships

Couples should remember that when they get married, they have made solemn promises to be faithful to their partners.

Instead of focusing on the mistakes or shortcomings in their partners, they should divert their minds towards the good things their spouses have done for them. In the initial stages, they may find it difficult to shift or divert their minds like this but if they practice consistently, they can easily succeed in their efforts.

Couples should not forget the fact that not only their hopes but their homes and also their mental peace may crumble if they take the wrong step of cheating in their relationships. No religion or no Scriptures have accorded legitimacy to such extra-marital affairs.

Is flirtation good?

A sizable number of experts are of the opinion that flirtation is good. According to them, couples who flirt with men or women other than their spouses may soon find out that there is no thrill or excitement in such misadventures. Once they realize this, their love and affection for their spouses will certainly increase. But these experts caution couples that they should not exceed the limits or cross the “Red Line” that may rock the family boat.

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