Act Quickly When You Notice Signs Of Teen Depression

You may notice notice the signs of teen depression instantly, as most of them are difficult to identify. They may weigh you down slowly, making it hard for you to come out of teen depression. Let’s imagine that each of your shoe weighs 10 pounds, pants weight 40 and shirt weighs 20 pounds. Also think what will happen if the weight of your hair increases and pushes your head down into the shoulders. Generally, when we breath our chest expands unconsciously, but imagine that if this act turns to be a harder task like picking up a gallon of milk. Imagine that you are finding it hard to lift your eyelids and that your thoughts are slower. When all these things happen, each and every activity that you earlier saw as a pleasure would be riddled with fear.

What will you do?

When the weight of your dress suddenly increases, you will immediately fight to get out of it and when it is harder to remove, you will convince yourself to take it off. Finally, you might eventually come out of the garment and you will try by all means to get out of your fear and black thoughts. With phenomenal efforts, you might gradually find the energy to get out of your
bed for facing the day. But, some people may not find ways to come out of such a problem.

What is that heavy weight?

The heavy weight that was dragging you in the form of clothes is nothing, but depression. When the same thing is faced by a teenage boy or girl, it becomes teen depression. When it is really a cloth, you can find ways to get out of it, but if it is a chemical reaction in the mind due to changes in neurotransmitters, it may be difficult to get out. So, you should act quickly to get out of it. Depression is something that can be misunderstood and as most of us think it is not sadness. On the other hand, sadness can be a facet of depression, but these two are different from each other.

Sadness and depression

Sadness is nothing, but a reaction to an event that can be identified. It is generally passing in nature, even though it can be deep and even prolonged in the form of sorrow. Even though, sadness can be compared to the suit of clothes with many stains, it will come with the weight of depression. On the other hand, depression irrespective of whether it is teen depression or any other, it feels like an inescapable state of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness. When it occurs, several negative thoughts begin to grow at this stage.

When the condition of teen depression worsens, the teen may begin to think that life is worthless and death can be the only remedy. There are many warning signs to note like overeating or appetite loss, decreasing energy or fatigue, restlessness, excessive sleeping or sleeplessness, pessimism, feeling of helplessness and worthlessness, digestive problems, difficulty in remembering details and making decisions and loss of interest in activities. Particularly, thought of self-destruction is a dangerous sign. So, when parents notice some signs of teen depression in their children, psychiatric help should be sought immediately.

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