Are Your Relationships Taking A Backseat Due To Social Media

As a special report on the CBS2 News, women were asked if their spouses are always on social networking sites irrespective of whether it is Facebook, Twitter. They were also questioned whether their socialization affects their relationships. Sharon Tay of the CBS2 has reported that many couples these days are finding that social media is getting in the way of their business. 

Conflicting report

Even though, many couples have stated that social media is affecting their relationships, a couple David Vienna and Larissa Collins has said that even though, David Vienna is a member of many social networking sites and he has been embracing social media right from several years now, Collins was resisting social media until her husband helped her in creating her accounts in these sites. The couple has said that their association is fortunately joyful and strong. Their family is filled with twin boys and they have added that both of them are communicating with each other in person, via text messages and over the phone too. But, Collins has said that once the desire of her husband towards social media bugged her as he was all the time with these sites and she has added that this activity of her husband drove her out of her mind.

Even though, most of the people believe that social media brings them closer, about 24000 married couples with social media participation has said that these platforms did not provide them greater satisfaction in their relationship and some of them also have stated that they are experiencing a reduction in the satisfaction in their life.

People not engaged in actual relationships

Dr. Karen North, who is a social media expert and who also teaches online communications at USC has stated that many people engaged in social media are highly concentrated on the virtual world and so they forget the people around them in their actual family and relationship. But, Dr, North has added that it is not essential that social media should interfere in relationships, but it can contribute towards healthy association as well. However, this positive thing from social networking can be enjoyed based on the answer to the question whether the people are actually connecting with people or whether they are using these sites as a nervous habit as a substitute for original relationship. North has added that couples should discuss about the level of the role that should be played by social media on their relationship.

Suggestion for couples

Dr. North has added that couples should decide on the standards and practices that will keep both of them happier. In the above-mentioned example, the couples David Vienna and Larissa Collins are happy now as they have brought about a balance between their life and social media use. Vienna has said that he has completely allocated the weekends to his family without any social media interaction at this time. The couples have added that their kids are also happier and they have further added that nothing can beat face-to-face communication with the family members and other relationships in their life.

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