When Long Distance Relationships Work

Nowadays, there are a lot of talks about long-distance relationships, thanks to the advent of Facebook, Twitter and online chatting. Experts point out that such relationships may not work. Those who indulge in such long-distance relationships may claim that they are passionate and intense relationships but since there is no commitment in them, they are likely to fail.

There are certain long-distance relationships that are necessitated due to the nature of work of the partners, transfers and other commitments. These may work because there may be a specific time- frame within which the couples will join with each other. Further, there is commitment in these relationships. Experts add that there are four factors that govern the success of such long-distance relationships.

Four factors that govern the success of long-distance relationships


Your commitment to your long-distance partner should be so strong that you prioritize it above all other things in your life. If both the partners have such a commitment, the relationship will certainly work.

Finding ways to spend time together

If the partners find ways to spend as much quality time as possible, the relationship will last and may become strong. There are many couples who manage to remain together only during weekends. But, the commitment should be so strong that they should be ready to remain together for a longer duration than weekends.

Sharing of family and social worlds

It is not enough if the partners are together. They should ensure to share even their social and family worlds also. This means that they do not have any hesitation to proclaim to the world that they are life partners or likely to become wedded partners soon. This shows that the partners are strongly committed towards each other.


Long-distance relationships are certain to succeed if the partners start planning for living together soon. They will start organizing things according to their plans also. This means that the relationship will soon cease to be a long-distance relationship.

These four factors will certainly help long-distance relationships succeed. Apart from applying these aspects, the couples have to realize and fully celebrate the joy of being together after remaining away from each other. In fact, remaining away from each other with the expectations of being together can itself be invigorating the relationship. At the same time, it will be unfair to say that they should remain like this for ever, longing for each other’s company. But, it cannot be denied that couples who are into long-distance relationships may indulge in more innovative explorations than those who live together. This means that the depth or intensity of influence of the separation induces them to shower more love on each other and this is what makes their relationship succeed.

Though a number of experts have done extensive analysis on the success of such long-distance relationships, they are also amazed to observe or they are also not able to capture fully the intensity of the love that grows between such long-distance partners.

To summarize, the success of long-distance relationships hinges mainly on the expectations and the longings of the partners involved.

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