What To Do when Open Relationships Turn Sour

Young relationships these days are loose and fast, with very little investment given to being an emotional support. A majority of relationships are met with hardships from the get go. Dating apps open a plethora of options for either partner looking to explore their options with other potential love interests. 

Usually instigated by men in the relationships and followed through by the woman, mostly to hold on to whatever vestige of connection she’s like to salvage. Keeping open relationships with your partner spell disaster.

Move on

It’s best to take whatever you can garner from your relationship and move on to something more fruitful, rather than continue investing self and emotions in connections that don’t fulfill what you’re looking for in the relationship. Instead of combating your partner over times spent trying to show them how much they really mean to you, it’s better to cut your losses and move continue your search for someone who will reciprocate your feelings by committing to you exclusively.

Find someone more compatible

The important thing in a relationship is to find someone who shares similar interests and looks to your well-being, with a willingness to want to explore a long term commitment, rather than one that’s just a passing interest. Meeting and caring for an individual who looks up to you as well as caters to your wants and needs should take top priority when starting something new with a person you find attractive and appealing.

Invest time in self

The best way to get over a horrible romantic experience is to delve in gaining a better perspective of self. Take this free time to better identify with your needs and wants. Spend time enhancing your skills by delving into areas of interest that occupy your attention and mind. This will help overcome whatever negative experiences you might have come across with your previous relationship by turning them into positive self-appreciative practices. A better sense of self-esteem will help avoid making similar experiences in the future.

Avoid emotionally destructive relationships

Coming away with negative experience from trying an open relationship will form a more secure foundation for future relationships. Knowing exactly what you aren’t looking for in a guy, will help narrow down the field and eventually lead you to a mate who is supportive and not depreciative of your emotional health. Take the time to meet someone who fits into your idea of what you’d like in a partner.

Stick with the right fit

A person who stands up for what they believe in, and with the ability to bring out the best in your personality at the same time would be an ideal fit for an emotionally and physically healthy relationship. Go the extra mile for a partner you care about, but make sure they reciprocate your feelings in return, if not you might end up getting the short end of the stick instead.

Bounce back from terrible romantic experiences by being wary and cautious before you jump into a new relationship. Pick a mate who will do right by you, know you are worth that, and much more.

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