Spending Time with In-laws for Strengthening Your Relationships

In-laws no matter how well you get along with them, or how much of a pain or hassle they’re to you; preserving a constructive relationship with them is incredibly important to the peace and security of your healthy marriage. 

Much like any family, your extended family can be a source of immense support or added strain, either which way. Be smart and strong when dealing with your in-laws, they are part and parcel of your family after all. Here are a few tips on how to smooth things out easy with the in-laws.

Respect your time together

Making sacrifices for each other should come easy to a couple in a healthy marriage. Even though you wouldn’t really want to spend time with the in-laws over the holidays, make a whole hearted effort to join in the planning and execution of the event.

Involving yourself with the planning and accomplishment of the occasion will project a sense of responsibility apart from winning the day for everyone.

Get close and personal

Take time to get to know your in-laws better, apart from spending major holidays together, shows your spouse how much you really care for them and your healthy marriage together. Meet your in-laws for lunch every once in a while, a lot less stressful than meeting them around hectic holidays.

You will in turn enter into their good books. Regardless of the impression they might have had of you, spend time creating a good impeccable impression in their eyes.

Treat them to a fun holiday

Spending a family holiday together is prime opportunity to get the most out of any situation. Book the entire family on a cruise, where you can go about spending time with your spouse and family, while your in-laws also enjoy time together.

Build your bridges and secure them well. Treating your in-laws well will generate good feelings of belonging, apart from working wonders on your healthy marriage.

Curb your exuberance

As willing and able spouse, it’s only natural that you’d want your in-laws to like you, though at times it’s best you maintain a certain distance from them. In-laws generally have the tendency to interfere in the intricacies and mechanics of a marriage.

Keep your union and bond you share with your spouse in your healthy marriage faithful and involved. Avoid criticizing your spouse to their parents; this won’t do well for anyone concerned.

Act in your best interest

Several couples experience disapproving parents as well as in-laws. However, this is something all healthy married couples should learn to take in their stride. Do not fall apart and into arguments about how one partner did not stand up for the other over dinner with the in-laws.

Don’t let what our in-laws think about you change your dynamic with your spouse. At the end of the day it’s the two of you together, and that’s all that should really matter. Play your cards right with the in-laws. Avoid giving them reason to interfere in your healthy marriage. Be respectful, honorable, kind and generous to your in-laws; show them how much you care for their child. 

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