Ending an Anxiety Attack

Anxiety is common in most people in some or the other way. It is not normal if the anxiety suddenly increasing to an epic proportion, where you can no longer concentrate on the job at hand and the feeling of uneasiness puts you to physical discomfort. The situation worsens when you find yourself palpitating, with mild chest pain and flushed skin, as this could be an anxiety attack. This is sometimes mistaken as a heart attack which in reality it is not. People suffering from acute anxiety or anxiety disorder, might get anxiety attacks at few point of times, but it can be handled. 

Self help coping strategies

When you feel yourself under an anxiety attack, what is most important is to keep your calm. Remembering that no one dies from an anxiety attack, and the fact that this is only a phase and shall pass, will provide you the stability to deal with it. For this you need to learn about anxiety attacks, and know about other people’s experiences.

The fact that you are not alone, there are many who suffered and recovered from similar problems will help you keep calm in those moments. Accepting the fact that you have a problem makes fighting with it easier. Lying down, if possible and taking deep breathes is very important. You will need long breaths, preferably from your belly to cope up. The constant and undisturbed oxygen flow to your brain is very important.

Managing anxiety attacks and getting to the roots

Another thing that you can do is to go for muscle relaxation, tiny flexing movements of your toe, or shoulder muscles, anything that you can manage at that time would be a welcome diversion. Drinking water is also a good idea. Slowly, when you are getting a grip over managing your anxiety attacks on your own, try jotting down your exact feelings during and after the attack. These journals could lead you to the reasons and possible triggers of anxiety.

Professional help

If you are not being able to cope up with the pressure of being anxious all the time, and the periodic attacks, then it might be time to visit a specialist. Professional counseling and advice will make sure that you are well taken care of. It might be possible that some underlying physical problem is making you anxious, or it simply might be a behavioral problem. Whatever the case may be, you would be subjected to the correct therapy and medication to get well soon.

Lifestyle corrections

Meanwhile certain lifestyle corrections could also ease off some of your anxiety related issues. Eating at regular intervals, getting adequate sleep and avoiding too much of nicotine and caffeine could set you on the right track. This way your body is more relaxed and alert and hence more at ease to counter any sudden anxiety attack. Just remember that excessive anxiety is a problem that will end soon if tackled effectively from your end.

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