What People Look for in Relationships

We are all attracted to a perfect poster picture of what relationships should be like. Secretly everyone hopes to find an attractive, witty, intelligent, well to do, affable mater to being a new relationship with. 

However pleasing these bubble-gum hopes might be, fact of the matter is that taking these screeners into consideration, the best you’re going to get is a trial and error pit match. While looking out for a suitable partner, one you can picture living a healthy marriage with; your priorities must focus on core, not superficial, qualities. Here is a list of a few essential qualities every stable partner should have. A stable partner should be:


You don’t want you’re chosen one to be an abrasive buffoon who doesn’t care. Care stems from a love that is nourishing. To have someone how looks after you, who wants to be there for you every step of the way is important to making your union a healthy one.


Having an irresponsible person for a companion can lose its charm pretty quickly. Although they might make up for it with other facets, the ability to take responsibility is integral to any mature relationship.

Constructive approaches to issues and problems that come your way, as well as facing them together as a productive unit is something you should bank on, rather than being frazzled and freaky messes.


Key to every stable relationship, a partner with well-balanced state of mind and spirit is calm and rock-steady in most situations. A true blessing to find in people today, a balanced demeanor and approach to life is like a fresh cool breeze in any relationship.

Balanced individuals are the right mix of everything, always sure of themselves and in control of their emotions as well as sensibilities. A keeper, to say the least, a balanced partner would make an ideal candidate to share a healthy marriage with.


We often let our egos get away from ourselves and, more often than not, end up making situations worse than better. A partner who forgives easy, and can let go of situations in a mature and non-confrontational manner, would make a reliable spouse in a healthy marriage.

We all make mistakes; no one is perfect in the end. Look for a mate who does not hold a grudge when you get things wrong, or mess up, without throwing any blame or accusation.


Support is an essential quality in any relationship. A partner who helps you through the rough times while being an essential part of the good times is what any relationship calls for.

An integral part of any relationship, couples who stand by each other, inspiring each other, reinforcing each other’s goals, truly creates a strong and lasting foundation to a healthy marriage.

Love in its many types and forms are what you need most in a healthy relationship. The excited romantic love, genuine faithful love, a long standing camaraderie and friendship love. These varying aspects of love make for a healthy relationship, where the couple meets love on a holistic front.

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