Why Women in Relationships Ignore Attractive Men

Women in happy and productive relationships are quite content with themselves and their partners. Without the need to look for other men, women even go as far as to diminish other attractive men in their minds.
Talk about being committed to a relationship. Most women are faithful and pledge their entire minds bodies and souls to fulfilling their promises to committed relationships. Regardless of the commitment expected and or propelled by their better halves, women in serious relationships are completely bound to their word and man.

The ability to disconcert flirtatious men, besides their partners i.e., women in relationships are steadfast and wholly focused on the man in their life. No one else can come close to bettering or besting their partners.

Fixed emotions

With fixed and certain emotions for their live interests, women in healthy relationships do not even consider the idea of entertaining the possibility of seeing other more attractive men as potential partners. Women even go as far as to focus on the negative aspects of handsome potential men up for the picking. Far from just ignoring the possibility of being with another man, women tend to be biased and judgmental in their approach. Accommodating nothing but heart felt warmth for the men they’re currently dating, women stay fast and strong to their current and present loves.

Looks don’t matter

Women tend to go beyond the superficial with the men they date and let into their lives. A lot of women hold vested interests for future planning with mates they’re currently into. Out of total emotional and physical dedication and devotion, women find it difficult to identify with other potential attractive mates.

Recent studies carried out on the sincerity of women in relationships showed that women tend to dismiss positive qualities in men they aren’t dating, no matter how appealing the package.

Women in relationships are negatively biased to other men

A research study recently conducted, tested women with attractive men’s photos along with positive and negative attributes of those individual men. After going through all of the pictures, the women were asked to pen down the attributes and scenarios they recalled. A vast majority of women were shown to have remembered negative attributes of men they deemed handsome and attractive. This just goes to show how much a woman really brings to healthy commitment in a relationship.

Selectively negative

If there ever was a way to be selectively negative with positive results behind them, then women have a fun way of expressing themselves and showing their commitment. In the study conducted, women showed tendencies to remember negative traits of attractive men they would probably date, were they single, as compared to traits of men they would not be likely to date.

Women are rock steady and steadfast especially when in commitments. With little or nothing to concern husbands and partners at home, women in committed relationships do not come close to slipping or even considering another mater while their current flame is still hot for them. 

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