Symptoms of Teen Depression

Teenagers are bags of hormones and emotions running wild and crazy. Several teens find it difficult to cope with the many demands of teenage life today. Is your otherwise bubbly and effervescent child more closed up? Showing continual signs of irritability, unhappiness, glumness, apathy, boredom, anger and melancholy, the chances they are suffering from teenage depression might be likely.

Recent studies have shown that 1 out of 8 teens suffer from depression. There are several ways to go about helping your teenage child cope with the many issues they’ve been facing in life. Here are a few telltale signs to know for certain if your adolescent has begun sinking into depression.


Children who show signs of apathetic behavior are on the way to suffering from depression. A lack of interest in activities, social well-being, hobbies, doing things that would normally interest and delight the child. Are signs that your child is heading toward darker thoughts. The best you can do for your adolescent is be supportive and show you care by being there for them.

Lack of concentration

Teens who suffer from depression or who tend to focus their thoughts constantly on negative subjects rather than the positive, is a sure shot symptom of depression. The ability to focus and concentrate on tasks appointed can be hindered by excessive negative thinking and dwelling on inconsequential topics that deaden self-esteem. Knowing when your child is being reticent and unapproachable with their troubles and issues, is perhaps time to step in and get help by opening up a conversation with them. Getting your disturbed teen to share their feelings and troubles with you will help out things at ease.

Inability to make a decision

Teenagers face a lot of stresses in their lives, in terms of doing well academically, socially as well as emotionally. These stresses add up leading to several children who face severe anxiety and panic attacks during these periods in their life. Depression is another common occurrence in teenagers, mostly brought on due to several factors. Try and notice the many signs your child sends out letting you know they are in a rough place.

Frequent bouts of pain and fatigue

Depressive teens tend to spend their days asleep in bed and are usually awake at night being as far removed from normal social encounters and interactions as possible. Teenagers who suffer from depression take ill very frequently. Complaints such as terrible headaches, severe and chronic back and stomach pains, as well as fatigue are common illness faced by teens how suffer from depression as well.

Anxious and sad

Commonly exhibited by most people suffering from depression, anxiety and sadness create negative states of mind that are difficult to get out of. Teens that tend to focus more on the troubles and issues faced in the world and their ineffectual lives are perhaps undergoing depression. Constant focus on all things negative with self and the world lead to depreciative state of mind.

Depression can be treated effectively and efficiently when detected. The sooner you take your child in for some formative therapy the better for their mental health. Depression can set in fast and quick, though treating it depends on how willing your child is to begin to change their perception of themselves and their place in this world. 

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