Ways to Build Your Teenage Daughter’s Self Esteem

Self Esteem plays a major role in shaping everyone’s life and it is pivotal during the teen years. Often self esteem is affected by external situations although there are a lot of internal factors involved too. The influence of external factors is probably more for girls in our society. While we may find it difficult to stop people and the media influence a girl’s esteem negatively, it is easy for us as parents to build our teenage daughter’s self esteem.

Steps that will help in building your daughter’s self esteem:

Communication, awareness and taboos

Always have an open communication with your daughter as much as possible. Most important part is to listen when she wants to convey something as well as teach her to listen. This translates to respect for self and other which is crucial to build self esteem.

Also, allow her to express her opinions clearly about everything. Allow her to have her own voice, you can always correct her if she is wrong, but do not stop her from expressing. Do not impose any taboos on sensitive topics such as sex, menstruation or drugs. Help them get clear information about these instead of abruptly stopping the conversation. Create awareness about sex, pregnancy and menstruation instead of dread.

Harmonious paternal impression

A daughter’s self perception and expectation of respect that she gets from men or boys is directly influenced by how her own father respects women in general.

Harmonious maternal impression

A girl’s self-respect and feelings of self-worth is directly influenced by her own mother’s self-image. If a mother is self critical about herself, her daughter will also find reasons not feel good about herself.

Teaching about right projections in the media

The media splashes advertisements, articles, videos and many more forms of communication propagating images such as ideal woman, perfect woman, super woman, beautiful woman. A girl should be taught to be herself and not these false and dangerous projections that circulate in the media.

Positive self image

In many cultures and households girls are brought up with narrow minded ideas about how an ideal woman should be. They perpetuate the image of compromise and self sacrifice which ultimately has a prize waiting for this kind of ‘ideal woman’. She is expected to be a homemaker and always only give and ultimately lose her sense of self. Parents should watch out if they are doing the same to their daughter.

Positive body image not currency fair skin overweight

Teach your daughter to treat her body with respect. Tell her that it is okay to have dark skin if that is an issue in the country you live in. Talk to her about health issues instead of weight issues. Do not let her have any kind of misconceptions such as perfect figure or perfect face. Teach her that she is beautiful as she is.

Involvement in sports and cultural activities

Taking part in these activities helps girls grow on all levels: physical, mental social and emotional helps in building self-esteem.

When a girls’ self-esteem is boosted, it will not just help her achieve success in her professional and social life, but will also reflect in her personal relationships. A generation of high self esteemed women means a better next generation which will be the result of their ability for harmonious relationships and successful and fulfilled lives. 

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