Treating Teen Depression

Teen depressions a serious problem that affects every area of a teen’s life and is just not limited to melancholy or bad moods.

Teen depression has become very common nowadays because of the lifestyle changes This depression can have serious after effects if left untreated. In some cases it could also lead to suicide. It is unfortunate that more than going undetected it goes unacknowledged. People find it easier to feign ignorance about the situation than do something about it.

How to treat a teen affected by depression

Acceptance is the first step in starting with the treatment and it should be acceptance on the teen’s part as well as the parent or guardian’s part. In today’s life, although it is easy to get stressed and depressed it is also possible to find help for the same. A depressed teen can get help by:

  • Visiting a depression specialist or therapist

Care should be taken to find a good depression specialist who can understand that every teen is different and same healing technique need not work for all.

Once the therapist has been visited, the follow ups should also be done diligently. The treatment often takes several sittings and should not be treated like a one-time affair

  • Medication combined with holistic options

Antidepressant medicines although are useful in immediate treatment and rapid effect, they can have dangerous side effects. Since these drugs are tested on adults and were first used on them, not much is known of its harmful effects on a teen’s brain. So, one should not rely on the drugs alone for treatment. Physical activities such as sports, swimming or even dance help in transmutation of the restlessness and crankiness to harmony and feelings of well being and thus avoid or minimize the need for drugs.

  • Making lifestyle changes

Teens as well as their family should examine their daily life activities, general attitudes, food habits, recreational activities and hobbies to find out if there is something that could be changed, or removed or included to enhance the well being of the depressed teen as well as the rest of the family.

  • Emotional support from loved ones

Teens connect very well with friends(not just peers or acquaintances) more than family. Parents should help their teen children connect with their friends and involve in sports or fun activities. Sports are very beneficial because of physical exertion which is instrumental in treating teen depression. Indulging in an appropriate recreation relaxes the mind and settles emotions.

Parents must intervene and help when they see their teenage child’s personality is being affected by despair, anger, feelings of helplessness and sadness. However, one should watch out for bad moods in reaction to some unreasonable or hurtful situation as a symptom of depression. All parents and guardians must realize that teen depression is nothing to be petrified of because there are many options available to deal with it today and help teenagers reclaim their personal power and lead a happy and successful life.

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