Basic Pillars of Healthy Marriages

No one will deny the fact that only happy marriages can be healthy marriages. A happy marriage can be a great blessing to both the husband and the wife. Nowadays, we see a lot of unhappy marriages because these bonds are not built strongly. But, a marriage can be strong only if its basics are strong.

By a strong and healthy marriage, it is not meant that there may never be disagreements or problems between the husband and the wife. The point that is stressed here is that despite the disagreements, there will be acceptable resolutions and both the husband and the wife will emerge victorious with their bonding becoming stronger than before.

The basic pillars of a marriage makes the marriage secure. Both the husband and the wife will be able to achieve all the successes they aim at because they have their partners’ support, that can be highly invaluable. Let us now look at the basic pillars of happy and healthy marriages.

Mutual Commitment

Marriages should be taken seriously. Nowadays, many young people take the institution of marriage very lightly. This is a grave mistake and they will repent their mistake at a later date. Only if they give due importance to the institution of marriage, they will be able to fulfill the duties expected of them in the right manner. The husband has certain duties towards his wife and so does the wife. By deciding to marry each other, they decide to develop a bond between each other. So, the question of separation or divorce should never arise unless they face the unfortunate problem of immorality.

Mutual Love

The second pillar of healthy marriages is mutual love. Love is very much essential for a marriage to work. If there is no love between a husband and his wife, their house will just be a building constructed with inanimate things like brick, mortar and steel and can never become a ‘home.’ Life may become intolerable for both the husband and the wife. A husband should love his wife and so should the wife. But, more emphasis and responsibility are on the husband because women may have and feel a greater need for being loved. Men should not take advantage of this and utilize women for fulfilling their lusts. This will cause immeasurable misery to women. Simply put, there should be unconditional and unselfish love between a husband and his wife.

Even if a husband may be busy with his business and other chores, he has to respect the feelings of his wife and must not fail to fulfill her love needs. Love between a husband and his wife has to be nourished on a continuous basis.

Mutual Respect

Another factor important for healthy marriages is mutual respect. There should be mutual respect between a husband and his wife . Just because a husband darns the role of the head of his family, he cannot become a dictator and expect that his wife should always be submissive to him. Likewise, the wife should not dominate her husband also and it may also spoil the whole relationship. If she commits this mistake, the husband may start hating her in the heart of hearts. There should be mutual respect between each other. The husband should be aware that his wife respects him and the wife should also know that her husband has a great respect for her.

These three pillars are certain to strengthen marriages and make them into healthy marriages.

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