Temptations that can Destroy Relationships

Have been into one of those really long and strong relationships and are quite sure now that nothing can now make a dent? Pause and think again, there are so many temptations that deviate one momentarily from the commitment made, that sometimes we don’t even realize that we are going the wrong way.

Taking for granted

Once you realize the relationship is a serious one, which is not going to a die a few week s old flings’ death, you tend to relax yourself. After the initial testing of waters, your mind and brain is sure now that the other person is fully dedicated to you, and won’t leave in a jiffy. It is then that you adopt your casual attitude, do things they will not exactly appreciate and reduce your overall effort of trying to impress.

While it is a relief to be yourself again, what you have to realize that you cannot be your old self; because now you have the commitment towards another person which you must fulfill. Watch while the love is still there, or else your relationship will be a thing of past.

Missing single-hood

It is very easy to feel jealous of your single friends, all the free time they have, the enviable social circle and the unlimited freedom. Sometimes you curse yourself for the fact that you are actually in a relationship and cannot do what all they are doing. It is good to remind yourself that while the grass seems greener on the or\other bank, in reality it is not the case. While you were single you longed company of another person who will love you back, and can be relied upon. Now when you do have the opportunity to build something to be cherished lifelong you should definitely not give-up.

Attractions and affairs

So you see this cute girl/boy and start fantasizing how it would have been had you been single. Then you get drawn towards them because they remind you of your care free days. Each person is different from the other, and the traits of the new one suddenly seem more alluring. You take it as a refreshing change from the relationship that had now grown old and tiring. You start misbehaving unconsciously and end up hurting them

Not being fully honest

You should discuss all major truths about your life with your partner, because then they can decide whether or not they want to stay in your lives. While saying this is easy, most of us do not have the courage of doing so. We are worried that our relationship might break, but it is good to go ahead and confess, because if your partner really loves you he/she will stay back no matter what you did in past.
there are many triggers of fight between a couple. Always remember that a little effort and sincerity towards the person who loves you, will take your relationship a long way towards a happy and well settled life.

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