Self-esteem Tips for Teens to Get Out of the Sinkhole

Parenting experts and psychologists have come out with a new phrase known as “Tween sinkhole”. According to them, children who are between age 10 and age 15 are said to be in the “sinkhole” period. During this period, their insecurity may increase and so, their self-esteem levels may come down.

A number of factors contribute to this problem. But as a parent, you should help your teens to get rid of their self-esteem issues.

Physical Changes

When children become teens, there may be a number of physical changes in them. It may be hard for them to understand these changes. So, you should make them understand that these changes are common during this age. Not only that, they should be made to manage these changes wisely because they have to live with them.

Social Media

Though there are a number of benefits from social media sites, they can add to the confusion that starts affecting teens between age 10 and age 15. Nowadays, teens of these age are very active on the social media sites. This poses a lot of challenges to them.

For example, teens between age 10 and age 15 may form opinions of their own. They think that they are growing into adults and so, they are mature enough to form opinions. Not only that, they have exposure to various sources like the television, newspapers and the Internet from which they learn a number of things. They start thinking that they know many things though they depend upon their parents for making important decisions.

Limit Your Compliments

While parenting experts advise that you should compliment and encourage your teens, they also advise that parents should be prudent enough to limit their compliments. According to them, these teens should be made to understand the reasons for their successes and achievements. For example, when your teen does well in a particular examination, you should congratulate him but at the same time, impress upon him that only because he has put forth extra efforts, he could score such good marks. If you simply keep complimenting your teens, they may become complacent and not achieve further. In short, they should be complimented and encouraged in such a manner that they are motivated to achieve more. If you can do so, you can develop confidence in your teens.

Positive Reinforcement

In management parlance, this technique is known as ‘positive reinforcement’. You should adopt the same technique with your teens. Your young ones should be made to realize that their achievements are linked to not only their talents or strengths but to their activities as well. So, you will be motivating them to put in more efforts for achieving great things.

In fact, the approach is aimed at bettering their performances on a continuous basis which itself is a reward for them. In this process, you will be motivating your teens to set their new goals or rewards. This approach that is completely based on the self-esteem principles emphasized by experts and that makes children understand the link between their actions and the outcomes, will help your teens come out of their sinkhole period.

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