Single Parenting Tips

There are a number of factors that may impact the mental health of children of single parents. Among them, the attention these children get is one of the main factors. Of course, the income levels of the single parent may also affect the mental health and self-esteem levels of children. It is not necessary that children of single parents should face problems. If you, as a single parent, teach self-respect and self-learning and infuse self-confidence in your children, these young ones can certainly grow into responsible and wise adults.

As a single parent, you should understand the following:

Accept That You Cannot Control Everything

You should understand that certain things in life cannot be controlled. This is what makes life unpredictable. You must know the things in which there are choices and those things in which you do not have any options. For example, your children may be facing problems in school or other places because there will be inputs from other children and parents.

Learn To Manage The Emotional Problems Associated With Single Parent Status

As a single parent, you may have a few emotional problems. You should therefore learn to manage them so that you are not affected by mental stress. Having frequent “fun times” with the children and using the power of humor may help you get rid of your emotional issues. At the same time, it should not be all “fun time.” Children should learn that you mean business also when it is needed.


Experts say that single parents and especially, single mothers have what is known as “matriarchal dignity.” When you make it a point to preserve your dignity at all costs, it may rub on your children also. This may improve their self-esteem.

Take Good Care Of Yourself

Never forget that you are a single parent and the welfare of your children depends upon your welfare. You should therefore take good care of yourself by doing your regular exercises, by eating healthy foods and by managing stress. These activities will help you gain confidence and since your children consider you as their role model, your confidence will rub on them also.


Scary things may happen in everyone’s life and being a single mother, you may encounter a number of such things also. You should be courageous enough to face such situations squarely. If you surmount those problems successfully, your children will also learn how to face life’s events boldly.

Express Your Love Frequently

Your children should know that you love them and so, you should sincerely express your love as frequently as possible. You should spend sufficient quality time with them so that you can listen to their points of view. They should know that you are there to help them in every step including setting goals and achieving them. You should support them in their studies and other extra-curricular activities and hobbies. You can also help them in choosing friends and maintaining good relationships with them. If necessary, you can talk to their teacher so that they can have a good ambiance in their school.

But at the same time, you should guard against over-helping them. Children should learn to be independent for which you can help them learn how to solve problems.

If you take all these steps, you can succeed in raising confident children despite the fact that you are a single parent.

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