Teen Anxiety – A Grave Issue

Anxiety amongst teens is seeing an all time high thanks to the immense peer pressure. A lot of social networking, fast careers, parental expectations and other evils of modernization. Most of the teenagers suffer from low self esteem and behavioral issues, which is a direct consequence of teen anxiety. It is very necessary to deal with teen anxiety in a deft manner.

Natural was of fighting with teen anxiety: Cashews

Though there are medicines and counseling options open for tackling teen anxiety, there are many who still prefer the natural remedies. One of the easiest and safest ways of tackling teen anxiety is the cashew nut. A storehouse of most important nutrients, it is really the best snack for teenagers to munch on.
Our body is complex machinery, which runs on the fuel called nutrients. The right nutrients at the right time helps one overcome the minor hiccups and get along well. In this case, cashew nut addresses the exact issues that a teen suffering from anxiety needs.

How it is helpful?

Firstly, it is packed with Vitamin B6 which is known for its instant calming effects on the person consuming it. Many people suffer from the misconceptions that consuming cashew nuts monounsaturated fat, which has no adverse effect on the body, and helps it cut accumulated fat. Obesity is often a common trigger for anxiety in teens.

Cashew nuts also contain amino acid, which is a source of protein. The same helps in making the body prepared well enough to cope with stress and anxiety related issues. It helps the system to ward off sugar craving, which is very common thing from person suffering from teen anxiety. Remember that stress eating is the number one reason for obesity which in turn leads to under other health issues.

Protein, vitamin and more

The wonder nut is alkaline in nature, which means that you can give miss to that bloating feeling that acidic foods (dairy/white bread/ processed food/sugar/ eggs/red meat and so on) brings along. The acidic food also weakens the adrenal glands which regulates stress and anxiety in a person. Another nutrient known to fight off anxiety is magnesium which is also present in cashew nuts.

Whenever a person is stressed, the blood sugar level takes a leap. This means that high blood pressure triggers off more cortisol, which also increases stress and leads to weight gain. Fiber, known to slow down blood sugar, is present in cashew nuts.

Cashew fits easily in the daily diet

There would mostly be no resistance in including cashews into one’s daily diet, because it is immensely tasty. Eaten handfuls as power snack, or being used in cookies, milk shakes, salads, curry bases, cashews can be a real joy! They are safe and free from any adverse side effects, and boosts up health too. Go ahead and beat teen anxiety armed with this glutton free healthy nut as your best buddy.

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