Signs of Rock Solid Relationships

Relationships are not always alike; there are bad ones, good ones and then there are very good ones, something that you got to hold on to for dear life. Normally our instincts warn us when we come across such a relationship, and though there are no tell tale signs atop, you simply can’t miss the positive vibes. However it is also true that sometimes we are so blind in faith that we ignore the bitter truth till it’s inevitable. So how to understand whether you have a great rock solid relationship?

Happy to be with you

Does your partner’s eye light up when you see each other after a long time? Can you spend hours talking about nothing that is essential to be discussed upon? Are you happy to just hang around in the apartment warring old pajamas and watching your favorite movies over and again? Can you toss aside your work for that dance in first showers of the season? If the answer is yes, even after years of togetherness, then you are definitely on the right track. The hand you are holding will see you through thick and thin. If your relationship blesses you with contentment and happiness, nothing can be better.

In sickness and in health

Rock solid relationships do not only encompass flowers and stars, it comes as a boon when reality strikes hard and cold. If your partner stands firm by you, in case of emergencies and sickness, it means that the bond between you two is no longer just casual attachment or fling.

Acceptance and understanding

We all have certain fantasies and idols set in our mind, when the word soul mate comes to our mind. There are some criteria which we want in that other person, but it is not always necessary that we get that as well, because after all it is a relationship and not checklist. It is important that one accepts you for what you are, and not some perfect person that the other person is looking for. Once the initial days of romance are over, you will get to see the real side of a person, and if you like what you see, if you are comfortable then the stars of your relationship is burning bright. The real test is to disagree in certain points, but still hold hands while doing so. Trusting each other and understanding the other person’s views is very much important.

Future plans for each other

Another important parameter is whether you can see yourself having a future with the person concerned, if you can, and vice versa half battle is won. It means you both are comfortably tuned into, and your families are also cool about the fact of your moving together, marrying and having a future together.

There might be other signs of a rock solid relationship which only you will feel, be it a little quip of heart when he takes your name or the light in the face while uttering the three magical words.

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