Do You Fight over these Issues in Relationships

A relationship is never all stars, teddy bears and flowers; and there is bound to be major to minor fights in a couple. Some of these fights are results of thought differences, some due to different up-bringing and some normal compatibility issues. While it is good to have a good argument, than keeping it under wraps and increasing the cold war like situation, it is good to know the common triggers of couple war and avoid the same.

The financial fight

Yes, it is most common. Finding a couple where both partners have same earning levels, and same philosophy in managing their money, saving and investing etc, is very rare. What starts off as polite inquiries soon turn into strict advices, and turns into turbulent fights. Lending money to your partner in time of need is very common, and fighting over it later on is also common.

Friends, family and more

When you are in a serious relationship, you tend to get soaked into the social life of your partner. You have to interact with their family, childhood buddies, office colleagues and more. It is not necessary that you always like them, and sometimes the level of intimacy they share could also be a cause of concern. An unkind comment about your partner’s mother’s make-up or his friend’s loud manners can put a chill in your relationship. Jealousy and being insecure about your partner’s friends from the opposite sex could also result in fights. While you should register your insecurities and cause of concern, it is also important to give each other space. Over possessiveness is never good for relationships.

Compatibility issues

There can be no individual who is a mirror image of you. So it is bound to be difficult to try and fit that other person in your life. Due to different family backgrounds, ethnicity, different cultural preferences and upbringing, at times you will see that there is little in common. Differences in opinions are common. Here it is important that you accept the other person like he/she is; in spite of trying hard to inculcate changes. Because whatever you do, you cannot make someone compromise their basic nature/manners for you.

Bitter nothings

Apart from the major issues as lined up above, there can be big fights over nothing. Yes, something as trivial as a wet door mat, an open cabinet door or a forgotten phone call can lead to big fights. This usually happens when you are some days into the relationship and tired of each other’s shortcomings. The tolerance level that we normally have for another person hits the rock bottom and even minor glitches leads to fights of a life time.

Sometimes couple start off fighting over a trivial issue, end up fighting so badly, that they can’t even remember what got them started. It is never a good idea to ignore these little things in relationships and what you should do is to keep calm and be understanding and accepting of the situation.

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