Seven Causes of Anxiety that You didn’t Know

Have you ever given a thought as to what are the causes of making one susceptible to anxiety? The answers might lie just in front of us, and yet ignored.

Causes of anxiety

Watch before you eat

Our body is well crafted to work like a machine, provided you choose the right fuels for it. It is a common habit to chomp over brightly colored doughnuts, ice bars, candies and cupcakes. The sprinklers and the lovely array of colors draw your attention to them and make your mouth water over. But studies show that the colored additives are likely to cause anxiety in consumers.

Food items affecting hormone level

There are comfort foods for everyone and the opposite of comfort food as well. There must be certain food items, which you are allergic to or some which makes your bloated or causes uneasiness and these are to be avoided if you want to ward off anxiety. Chocolates, soy and milk products and gluten rich foods are known to mess up the hormone levels too.

Remaining hydrated

Water is the most common and essential way of keeping your body hydrated and hence rejuvenated. It helps the body functions to be regulated smoothly and also flush out toxins from the system. It is often noticed that a person who is taking less than adequate amount of water, is more susceptible to be tensed and irritated. Fatigue also catches on easily and the extent of anxiety increases.

Lifestyle problems

Late nights, late mornings, skipped breakfast, sporadic snaking and a heavy dinner; does the routine sound familiar? In our busy schedule of work and balancing social life, our body is often the most affected. The diet plans goes for a toss and these is no fixed time for having the important meals. Remember that starving yourself for too long creates an impact on the blood sugar levels making you more prone to anxiety.

Cut out caffeine

Too many cups of coffee to see you through the day, or over the counter medicines with liberal doses of caffeine could both make you jittery, over the edge and more anxious in very little time. This is something you must cut out.

A negative outlook

never let your confidence level drops and negative thoughts crowd over. even if negative thoughts comes to your mind, remind yourself that it is okay to be skeptical but in the end it will be your attitude and capabilities that will take you through. For every negative idea, counter it by happy memories, past accomplishments, your belief in yourself etc.

Excessive smoking and drinking

Last but not the least, all of us is well aware of the evils of nicotine and alcoholism. They might appear to relieve you from stress, but in reality is the cause of long term anxiety and depression issues. Try to cut out these dangerous habits from your life to ward off anxiety more quickly.

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