Getting Rid of Social Anxiety

Man is a social animal they say; but what of society seems like a jungle you are afraid of? People shying away from social gatherings, get together and human company of people other than immediate family can be said to suffering from social anxiety. The reasons behind this are many, but in most cases this problem can be taken care of, by following certain simple steps.

Track your fear

It is the first step to tackle any behavioral or psychological issue; self denial is never going to help you in any way. People suffering from social anxiety sometimes tend to blame others for their fear, like people being rude/ sarcastic to them etc, bad experiences etc. remember that maintaining a positive attitude mostly solves this issues, this is so because you increase your self confidence and negative people do not tend to flock around you.

Put on a winning smile and a bright outlook, and voila, the world is suddenly at your feet. Shying away from it or locking up yourself in isolation after a bad time is the worst thing that you can do. Track the reasons, and you will most often than not, yourself realize that there are remedies to it. Do go out and try to make new friends, this will widen your perspective too.

Remember you are not the ‘chosen one’

Sometimes it is easy to look around, and ask ‘why me’ because everyone seems to be perfectly happy. But this is certainly not the case, and there are many sufferers of social anxiety than it appears on the book. This people could be like your extended family who understand just how you feel and support you in times of need. Joining self help groups and discussing your issues and social anxiety could be very constructive. Most of people have gone through this phase of life where human company was the last thing on their mind, so you will find many supporting hands.

Love yourself; and the world will follow

Remember the key to happiness lies in you. You got to relax yourself and beat out negative thoughts from the system. Begin by calming yourself down; mediation is by far the best way of doing so. It relaxes not only your body and mind, gives you a wider perspective of things. It helps you to be more focused and has a positive bearing on your outlook towards life.

You can also indulge in reading self help books, and quotes from famous personalities. Autobiographies will show you how the great men and women struggled their way to top. It is never easy to hang on, but giving up will never brings you success. Trying out new things, picking up a new hobby anything at all that breaks the routine making you happier is a welcome step.

Social anxiety is not your friend, and isolation is definitely not the answer, so just go ahead and eliminate it from your life and say hello to a new you!!

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