Reasons that Explain Relationships are Overrated

The concept of relationships is pretty nice to hear, two people who complete each other; two hearts that beats like one. But as soon as the rose tinted glasses fall off, you will see the idol of your heart’s desires, actually have dents and bents. Relationships are not for weak hearts and peace loving people, and the concept of a fulfilling life being impossible without relationships is truly overrated. There are in many ways that having a romantic attachment will put an end to all your dream world fantasies.

It’s not a bed of rose

The rose in reality doesn’t come sans the thorns and so is the nature of relationships. After the initial days of courtship, the usual desire of pleasing and impressing wears off. Slowly one starts to assume the true colors which are not always what the other person expected in the first place. You come to know many things that you did not know in the first place, and little things like table manners, phone etiquette, hygiene etc starts to piss you off.

Till tiffs do us apart?

When two people enter into a relationship, they often tend to make a narrow judgment of only the other person, i-e, his/her partner. But when the relationship is actually formed, you will suddenly find yourself in a whole array of little known or unknown people thronging your life. The friends, family and relatives of your partner might not get along to well with you and that could lead to a whole new set of issues. Plus there could be discord over the lifestyle you like and maintain the amount of time and involvement you want to investment and more.

Compromise of privacy

Let’s face it. We may shout out our lungs in favor of relationships and joy of sharing, but there are certain things and moments in life which is best served in solitude. There are times when your partner gets too cozy when all you want to do is to curl up with a book with a hot cup of coffee. It is also quite irritating if the friendly inquiry about your finances becomes nosy advices and strict commands as to what you should do. Then there is always the risk of getting a gold digger as a partner.

The same dominating and insecure attitude could create havoc with your personal life as well. Quality time with your best buddies become a distant dream, as your partner tags along everywhere. From sharing what you had in lunch, you now have to share your towel as well!! For late nights at office or a special business meeting, you run a chance of having a war at home front for being late and irresponsible towards him/her. Sounds too much, doesn’t it? So until and unless you are lucky enough to have a wonderfully compatible person around, do not take the plunge just for the sake of it, because most certainly all relationships do not make life easier.

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