Easing Anxiety and Stress

More and more people from different walks of life are becoming prone to anxiety attacks. The counseling and medications available have grown multiple folds, but the problems persist. This sudden panic attacks make you nervous and your ability to deal with day to day situations decreases a lot. There are little things that you can do to ward off anxiety and make yourself more relaxed and productive.

A balanced lifestyle

Sounds cliched as an answer to almost all problems? Well in reality it is so. This is so because we are slaves to our habits, and if you discipline yourself to follow a balance, naturally your life will be on the right track. Meals at proper time, adequate sleep and a balanced diet, with minimum smoking and drinking, these are the keys to keep you physically and mentally fit and anxiety miles away from you.

Diet really plays a pivotal role in the hormonal level of a person, and hence the susceptibility to anxiety. Gluten foods, processed meats, too much sugary products, chocolates, aerated drinks; all could lead to a more anxious you. Make healthier choices, like whole fruits, cashew nuts and herbal tea to calm your system down.

Adequate sleep is the most essential medicine for a stressed out person, as it relaxes the body as well brain. Make sure that every night you get a sound uninterrupted sleep, and short power naps during the day if you feel too fatigued.

Importance of me time

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget that there should be some exclusive minutes each day, reserved for oneself. How to go on about that? Easy… take breaks. Poring over your work whole day long is not going to make you function better, and let’s face it no one cares anything other than your final performance. Taking a short walk or having a glass of juice and green tea is worth a try.

Going for a walk soothes your nerves and fresh air and sun boosts up your mood in a good way. You can also maintain a journal where you record the major happenings, the happy moments and accomplishments which provide you emotional support when you suddenly feel blue. Reading inspirational autobiographies and self help books could also help ward off anxiety.

Be your own support

You were stressed out and suddenly you feel very anxious, this could be an anxiety attack which has to be handled carefully. If there is a particular trigger you can identify tackle that first, think of something else. Drink a glass of cold water, and if possible, take a shower. Shower relaxes your nerves and calms you down. If you are outdoors/ in office, then take big gulps of fresh air. Deep breathing reaches oxygen to your brain enabling it relaxation and clarity of thought. Stretching yourself, calling up your best friend, listening to your favorite song or simply going through old photographs you cherish, are the other things you can do to relive anxiety.

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