Do You Suffer from Phone Anxiety

If you are one of those who feel really awkward picking up the receiver or pushing that dial button, then probably you are one of the sufferers of phone anxiety. Think it over, do you get your friend or sibling to call and make up an appointment for you, because you are afraid of messing it up? Or you are more comfortable of writing lengthy emails instead of making that long phone call? If the answer is yes, then phone anxiety is bugging you.

Coping strategies: the initial preparation

Once you admit that you have phone anxiety, you can begin over by taking constructive steps towards preparing yourself to overcome it. To begin with, make preparations for a call. This is to say, visualize yourself making the call, and think over the points that you have got to mention. Jotting down these points in a notepad is a real good idea, since writing clarifies our thought processes and eliminates unnecessary details. Once you have this in front of you, it will be easier to mention them all and get required answers.

Choose a proper place

Remember that sometimes our surroundings are also an important factor. If you are in a place with irritants or distractions in form of noise, people or anything that makes you quite uncomfortable, then it becomes difficult to deal with phone anxiety. It has also been noticed that one becomes more awkward, and might stammer and be incoherent while in front of a bigger audience, i-e, people around the caller. This is because the focus should be on the person at the other end of the phone, and not the ones around.

Place yourself in your favorite corner, looking out the window or even a poster that makes you happy. Once your mindset is calm, rest becomes easy.

Right call at right time

Does the constant fear nags you that you must be disturbing the person you want to talk to? You feel that a phone call might be an intrusive way of communicating. There is really no need worrying over this, and you can simply begin by asking whether it is a good time to talk. Remember that a phone call is one of the most personal and effective ways of communicating.

Practice makes perfect

There is no better way of getting over your fear or anxiety than by facing it. So start making phone calls, to begin with call your loved ones, people you are absolutely comfortable with. Before making/ receiving any call that is causing you worry, jot down roughly the points, say it out loud and enact the phone call. Remember that no one is going to look or judge your looks and appearance. It is just your voice that is going to make an impact. Keep on a smile and have a positive attitude.

These are the basic coping strategies that will positively assist you in overcoming the anxiety and become phone savvy like your peers.

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