Teen Depression – Wake up Call for Parents

It is the aim of every parent to raise their children into good and productive individuals but unfortunately, the number of children and especially, adolescents, who are getting affected by the problem of teen depression is on the increase. Perhaps, many parents notice the depression problem only when their children become teens. Parents who have adolescents with teen depression should acquire more knowledge about this problem. They should know how this problem can be diagnosed and treated. If they do not bestow the right kind of attention to this problem, they are committing a grave blunder. If the problem reaches extreme stages, these teens may attempt suicide also.

Adolescents who have the problem of teen depression will be extremely sad and may feel hopeless. It may look like they are very angry or very much bored because they may remain aloof without interacting with their friends and family members. It cannot be said that teen depression is abnormal but only when the problem interferes with the daily life and other activities of the teens, it becomes a major problem. Apart from the affected teens, the entire family, the friends and teachers of the teens will also suffer. Parents should not allow things to get worse. They should intervene at the right moment and look for the most appropriate treatment options to put the life of their teens back to normalcy.

Negative Behaviors Associated With Teen Depression

Parents should keep a watch on the behavior of their teens and if they find that they abstain from school, miss homework assignments, do not move or interact with their groups and have disciplinary issues, they should immediately seek guidance from professionals. They can also try counseling with competent psychologists to find out if these behaviors are signs of teen depression. Psychologists may be able to make the right diagnosis by observing and talking to the teens.

Treatment Options For Teen Depression

A number of treatment options are now available for curing these young people of teen depression. Very effective antidepressants as well as prescription drugs are available. Apart from such medicines, group cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as individual cognitive- behavioral therapy are also available. 

If the teens have been suffering from this problem for quite some time, they should be admitted into a reputed center for mental health. This is for providing a comprehensive treatment for curing not only the symptoms but the behaviors and the root causes of the teen depression problem.

Parents’ Role

Parents should never forget the fact that the number of adolescents suffering from teen depression has been increasing and so, they should keep a close watch on their teens. If they or the friends and teachers of the teens notice conflicting moods, prolonged sadness, etc. in them, they should immediately take appropriate action. 

Guidance Of Competent Psychologists Is Important

Teens affected by depression may struggle even in executing their daily activities and they may not be able to develop relationships with their friends. Parents of adolescents with teen depression should not hesitate to seek the guidance of a good psychologist. Only competent and experienced psychologists can intervene and treat the ones suffering from appropriately.

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