Teen Anxiety Effects and Treating it

Worrying or displaying a nervous feeling with or without reason is called anxiety and if this persists for a longer duration, it is certainly a mental health problem. People may worry or get anxious when they face stressful situations. For example, when you undertake a new task or job, you may feel nervous because you worry if you can complete the task successfully or not. 

In the case of adolescents, they may experience teen anxiety if they have an examination, if they are asked to speak in front of a crowd or if they are assigned a task in which they are not very much confident of their skills.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a major factor that may cause teen anxiety. Teens of today face a lot of competition in their studies. Children have a lot of sources from which they acquire information and those children who are studious make all the efforts to update their knowledge. Due to this, children who are not very much inclined to try different sources for acquiring information or who are slow in grasping things may lag behind. Some teachers commit the mistake of looking down upon these children. Some parents also commit the blunder of comparing their teens with more studious children and this may create an inferiority complex in them. When they are not able to fulfill the expectations their parents have, these teens feel anxious and depressed.

Effects Of Teen Anxiety

Short-term effects of anxiety are good because it will trigger action. If a teen is anxious about the ensuing examinations, he or she will start preparing appropriately for the examinations. Experts point out that when people have feelings of anxiety or danger, there will be adrenalin rush and this will help them take the right type of action. But, if anxiety persists, it may cause a lot of harm. Children with teen anxiety may be affected mentally as well as physically.

Physical Effects of Teen Anxiety

When there is a potential danger or if there are stressful situations, there will be fast heart-beats, quick or heavy breathing, perspiration, nausea, etc.

Psychological Effects

Children with teen anxiety may have panic attacks, lack of focus, fear, etc. and may exhibit irritable behaviors also. Especially, panic attacks can be highly harmful to these children because these attacks can incapacitate them. They may be too overwhelmed to take any action. They will feel absolutely helpless. Some children may even feel that they are having chest pain or other aches.

Teen Anxiety And Relationships

Due to extreme teen anxiety, these children may avoid people. When they are not interacting with anyone, they may feel more anxious. So, they may try harder for avoiding people. This means that extreme anxiety in people and especially in teens will create a vicious cycle.

Teen Anxiety And Health

The ill-effects of teen anxiety on the health of children are too well known to explain. These children may slowly lose their immunity and so, they can easily be affected by infections. Some of the teens may be affected by ailments like high blood pressure or kidney malfunctioning. In certain children, teen anxiety may culminate into teen depression.

Treatment Options

There are very good medicines available for curing teen anxiety. These teens can be taught relaxation techniques also. They can learn and practice yoga, meditation, Chinese Tai Chi, etc. to calm their minds. A few experts advise hypnotherapy, reflexology, etc. also for treating teen anxiety.

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