Why Natural Supplements Work better for Teen Depression

The increasing prevalence of teen depression is a matter of real concern because in extreme cases, the affected teens may attempt suicide also. Therefore, it is imperative that parents should understand the seriousness of the issue and take the most appropriate steps to save their children from this problem. 

In fact, parents have more responsibility to help their teens emerge unscathed from this problem but at the same time, the responsibility of the other members of the family including the siblings and that of the teachers and friends of the affected teens cannot be termed as insignificant. The good news is that if all these people make persistent efforts, they can bring back normalcy in the lives of these teens so that they can face the life’s challenges without any problems.

A survey targeted towards the ethnic groups of Native Americans and Afro-Americans living in United States revealed that teens of these groups who have been affected by depression constitute the majority of suicidal deaths among them. The survey also reveals that suicide cases are more among teenage boys than among girls though attempts are made both by girls and boys.

Treatment for Teen Depression

There are a number of drugs available for treating the problem of teen depression. In general, doctors prescribe antidepressants along with other medicines. Like drugs for many other diseases, antidepressants also have side effects. Not all the teens may be able to tolerate these side effects. So, doctors should carefully prescribe the right medicines that suit the teens. This may be a trial-and-error process and even during the process, the teens may experience the side effects such as weight gains, a sense of doom and more intense suicidal thoughts.

Natural Supplements

It is because of the side effects of prescription drugs that many experts suggest natural ways for treating the problem of teen depression. Even parents of the affected teens prefer natural ways because unlike prescription drugs, these natural ways do not have any side effects. One of the natural ways is to opt for natural supplements.

Side Effects of Prescription Drugs

Further, as experts point out, antidepressants cannot cure depression but they can only keep the symptoms under control. This means that the root causes of the problem of teen depression are not addressed if the doctors prescribe antidepressants. There are chances of the teens getting addicted to these antidepressant-drugs also. Many experts believe that these drugs may negatively impact the brain if they are used for longer periods, though this is yet to be established.

Another point to remember is that during adolescence, the complete neural network of the brain of the teens is rebuilt the basis of which are the experiences as well as the relationships of the teens. So, doctors have the huge responsibility of assessing and understanding the development of the teens before prescribing medicines.

Efficacy of Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are generally herbal formulations and these herbs have been in use since ages. Their efficacy is well established also. If teens use these natural supplements, production of the feel-good neurotransmitters in their brain will increase. These supplements will calm their nervous system also. Above all, they are safe for using because they are gentle and natural and do not have any harmful side effects.

If the young children are made to eat good and nutritious foods along with these natural supplements, their problem of will certainly be cured more quickly.

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