Teen Depression Linked to Lack of Sleep

Those diagnosed of the problem of teen depression may not be able to sleep properly. This shows that teen depression has some links with lack of sleep. The fact is that lack of sleep is one of the main symptoms of depression though it cannot be said that lack of sleep is caused only due to it.

In general, teens should certainly sleep at least for eight hours a day though this may slightly vary from one person to another. Some of the young people who have been affected by teen depression may tend to over-sleep as well.

Experts do not categorically say that sleep disorders may cause depression. At the same time, they do not deny the role played by lack of sleep in causing this problem. So, if you do not have enough sleep for a prolonged period due to some other medical problem, it may lead to teen depression.

Explaining depression

Depression is a disorder that affects the mood of the people. Teens who have been affected by depression may continuously feel sad. When these feelings of sadness become intense, they may not be able to lead normal lives.

Importance of sleep

If people sleep well and normally during the nights, there will be physical and mental rejuvenation. The functional capacity of several organs of the body will get restored. But, if people are not able to have normal sleep for longer periods, there may be tension, stress and irritability in them.

Factors that may cause sleep disruptions

Physical as well as emotional factors contribute to disturbances in sleep. Metabolic reasons may also trigger sleep-related problems. A few people may experience sleep-related problems due to medical-related issues. The main result of inadequate sleep is fatigue. When you develop fatigue, you may not be able to do even your routine work properly, not to talk of those tasks that require your special and focused attention. You may not be able to do your exercises also and this may result in ill-health. So, inactivity and inadequate sleep may trigger not only physical problems but depression-related symptoms as well.

Treatments for the problem of lack of sleep

Treatment for lack of sleep depends upon the seriousness of the teen depression problem. In general, psychotherapy, medications like antidepressants, talk-therapy are the treatment processes for reducing the impact of teen depression. In certain instances, both psychotherapy and administering of antidepressants may be necessary. Antidepressants may help in decreasing the symptoms of mood disorders related to teen depression. Talk therapy may help the affected people to fall asleep easily.

Lifestyle tips for treating teen depression

Meditation is one of the steps suggested for treating teen depression. Affected people may be advised to learn and practice meditation.

Affected teens may learn to divert their minds to the pleasant things that have happened in their lives. They can listen to melodious and soft music or read books that can improve their positive beliefs.

To summarize, there is definitely a link between teen depression and lack of sleep. But, if teens learn to make suitable changes to their lifestyle and if they take appropriate treatments, the problem can be surmounted.

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