Teen Depression and Phobia on a Rise

Handling teens may be a true challenge. If these young people suffer from teen depression, it will be all the more difficult for you to deal with them. If you are the parent of such a teen, the only remedy available for you is to acquire as much knowledge as possible about depression.

The problem is that due to teen depression, phobias are on the increase as well. So, handling teens with depression and a phobia will be all the more difficult. It is not that all teenagers may have the problem of depression. Likewise, all the children who have been affected by teen depression may not have phobias also. So, parents may be misguided by the symptoms they see in their teens. It is necessary that every parent should know as much as possible about the problem.

Teen depression, phobias and a few facts

There are chances teen depression may go unnoticed by parents. But, if the teen has phobias also, parents may be able to understand that there is some problem with their teen. Depression may be quite confusing because the symptoms can be overlapping. Phobias by themselves can also be misleading because parents may ignore the depression problem that is associated with phobias.

Why parents find it difficult to recognize teen depression

The complexity associated with teen depression is due to the fact there may be many causes that can trigger this problem. Further, the symptoms of depression are found in a few other mental health problems also. So, parents may get confused. If they do not recognize the problem or if they ignore it, the problem may worsen. The phobias associated with the depression may also cause major setbacks for the children.

Causes for teen depression

During teenage, there may be a number of hormonal changes in the body of the teens. These hormonal changes may trigger several physical and psychological changes in them. For example, the voice of a boy will suddenly change when he attains teenage.

Further, teens face a lot of pressure everywhere. In the schools they study, they may face pressure from their co-students and teachers. When they move with their friends, there may be competition and pressure in other extra-curricular activities. Some teens may look at the unemployment and other problems that prevail and may start worrying about their future. In addition to these things, a few of these teens may develop phobias of various types also.

What should parents do?

Parents have the huge responsibility of knowing about teen depression and phobias. They should take timely action for providing appropriate treatment to their teens.

What should teachers do?

Teachers should recognize the seriousness of this problem and should adopt a kind approach to deal with such teens. Instead of bullying them or comparing them with other normal children, they should try to infuse confidence in them.

Role of friends

Friends and peers of the affected teens should treat them with a lot of kindness and love. They should listen to them, encourage them and help them overcome their problem.

If everyone works in unison, these young children can certainly be treated for their teen depression problem.

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