The Attraction Psychology

We often come across leaders, heroes or celebrities who are always surrounded by many people. The simple secret of this successful lot is that they know the attraction psychology. Not only that, most of these people may have some important attributes also and that is the reason they are accepted by many.

If you wish to learn this attraction psychology, you should first know how these people are able to get themselves accepted or appreciated by many. In general, this concept works on the basic principle that we get attracted to those who impress us not only physically but emotionally as well. The main point that is involved in this concept is that people want to feel important and they want to be appreciated also.

In fact, experts on psychology opine that once basic necessities are fulfilled, people move on to their next want and that is they want to be worthy. They want to be valued also. So, when you make a person feel important, you turn the person on. You have to just fulfill the desire of the person by expressing your appreciation for the person’s opinions, feelings and time. By doing so, you will become attractive to the person.

Another perspective

There is another perspective on attraction psychology. Everyone of us look up to some people with whom we want to identify ourselves. Most of us choose those people who listen to us without passing judgments, support us in every possible positive manner without manipulating us, lead us whenever we need such guidance and allow us to follow them comfortably. Simply put, we enjoy their company and whenever we are with them, we get energized.

We can find such great qualities only in those people who have a sense of security and confidence in themselves. Experts on psychology firmly opine that the basis for such a sense of security and self-confidence are not just hopes, faith or dreams but real accomplishments.

The following tips will help you adopt the concept of attraction psychology and identity yourself with people with such great attributes,

Tips that can help you practice attraction psychology


You must use affirmations like “yes” as often as possible.

Readiness to accept new ideas

You should be open and should be ready to embrace new experiences and ideas. You should always focus on a broader picture and not on trifles. You should take all steps to strengthen your passion and interests.

Clear-cut goals

You should have clear-cut personal or business goals because these can help you stretch your efforts. It is never good to play safe if you want to accomplish great feats. If you do not accomplish such feats, you cannot succeed in making the attraction psychology work for you.

Achievements are not the final destinations

Achieving goals is not a destination, but it is considered a byproduct of your growth process. For solving problems, you need a mindset that is different from what has created them. Only if you readily embrace new ideas, you will be able to have such a mindset.

Embrace changes

You should be ready to embrace changes as well. Changes can not only be stimulating, but can help in your growth as well.

If you develop these attributes, you will be looked upon as an example. This means that you have succeeded in adopting the attraction psychology. This also means that others have accepted you as their leader. The main point you should never lose sight of is that people get attracted only to “doers” and not to those who build clay-castles with their honey-coated words.

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