Stave off the Back to School Anxiety in Teens

Teens pose themselves with several questions to know in what position they are to face high school. Common doubts in their mind include – whether it is good for them to take up a certain subject or join a particular club, whether they are fit and attractive enough and whether they are intellectually capable of facing their fellow-mates. Here are common before-school teen anxiety situations and ways for parents to deal with them.

Stress relating to academic choices

Teenagers find themselves at crossroads when deciding about the subject they should major in high school. They may find one subject interesting, yet tedious and they may find another subject having bright prospects, yet hard to pursue. At the onset of high school they tend to feel apprehensive as the year is academically crucial and making choices is not easy.

Tips for the parent

Assure your child that hard work does yield good results and that you stand by him or her in times of crisis. Facilitate the child with whatever best you can academically. Then, help your child to identify what he or she is good at. Make the teenager assess his or her abilities. Elucidate about the available choices. Allow the child to make a choice and assure that you care for and respect the choice.

Stress relating to appearance

Teenagers become very conscious about their physical appearance as they grow. They may feel awkward to sport pimples or carry themselves off in a particular dress because of their physical stature. They also become concerned about the kind of dresses and make up they can wear or the hairstyles they can adopt.

Tips for the parent

Make the child feel proud about his or her physical characteristics. Increase the level of acceptance about the physical uniqueness in each person. Avoid being critical or ironic about the child’s physical appearance. This can cause shame and bring down the self esteem of the teenager. Share your experiences as a teen with your child. This can make your child feel normal about the phase he or she is going through.

Stress relating to social acceptance

Teenagers are social like any other human being and tend to fit themselves in a bracket. They look forward to be identified and accepted by their peers. To achieve this they may tend to go to any heights like following trends or adopting the dressing style of another person. Not possessing a trait or material object can make a teenager feel low.

Tips for the parent

Make the child aware of his or her own identity and feel special about it. Discourage making comparisons with others and encourage them to choose the company of like-minded people. Enable your child to identify his or her own capabilities and interests, and to choose extra-curricular activities or join a club accordingly.

Teen anxiety during high school is a temporary phase in everyone’s life. The way in which it can be overcome depends on how a teenager sails through it and the kind of support he gets from his parents, teachers, and peers.

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