Sleep Habits and Teen Depression

Depression and sleep disorders among teens go hand in hand. Research studies have revealed that loss of adequate sleep can lead to depression in teenagers. In cases such as schizophrenia, children are plagued with hallucinations which deprive them of a good sleep. Here are a few tips parents can follow to ensure that their teenage children get adequate and sound sleep.

Maintaining the right sleeping habits

Sleep habits are vital in the maintenance of sound mind and body systems among teens. Teenage children are surrounded by various distractions that can pull their attention off their regular routine. Parents of teenagers must keep a regular watch on the sleeping patterns of their children. Excessive level of stress in teenagers affects the natural process of sleep.

A good night’s sleep means a sound sleep of about 8 to 9 hours. Parents must see to that their teenage children get sufficient undisturbed sleep during the night. For this they must insist their children to get to bed early or in time. Children must be provided with a noise-free environment, comfortable bed and a well ventilated place with abundant fresh air in the bedroom or the place of sleep.

Keeping a tab over distractions

Video games, internet, conversations, and chatting on the mobile, partying and movies are fancies teenagers get easily attracted to. When not checked they can become addictions and children may get hooked to them by even staying up late in the night. Addictions to drugs, alcohol and tobacco are prevalent among teens. Parents must keep a tab on the activities of teens, cut their activity time during night and give out a specific time schedule they should follow till early night.

Maintaining good eating habits

Food and eating habits of teens are crucial in influencing sleeping patterns of teens. Parents must see to that they are fed with a well balanced diet. They should discourage their children to spend on junk and unhealthy food. Cutting down on pocket money which teens use to spend on unhealthy food is also an effective in curbing bad food habits. Telling your teen to have warm bath before getting to bed or making him or her have a glass of warm milk are a few home remedies to induce better sleep during the night.

Teenage is a period where physical or bodily changes occur. The time prior to or just after puberty is when children get disturbed because of the physical phenomenon they are experiencing. This can cause sleep disturbances at times. Sleeplessness in teens can occur also due to depression. Once parents notice such symptoms they should address it through the intervention of professional help.

Sleep is the time when the mind gets adequate rest and a teen suffering from sleep disorders must become aware of the situation he or she is in. Parents must educate and stress about the importance of sleep in their children and heed a considerate ear to their teenager’s problems in this respect. This will help a great deal in reducing teenage depression. Teenagers are growing adults and need a friendly support from their close ones and peers to come out of trouble.

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