Strengthening Self Esteem to Deal with Depression

Self esteem is the key to the mental strength of an individual. A person with low self esteem is prone to develop depression sooner or later in life. When a person sees less worth in himself, he feels unhappy about most things around him. He perceives people and their behavior towards him in negative light. However, there are ways to combat and churn this negative state of mind into a positive one.

Dealing with your own thoughts

Thoughts are reflections about the way in which the mind is functioning. Negative thoughts make us feel low and helpless about ourselves. Poor decision making ability, abusive and repulsive behavior are a few outcomes of negative thinking. At this point, it is important to analyze and address these thoughts. Establishing the real source of these thoughts, validating them with the opinions of others and determining whether they make us feel happy or sad can give us a real picture about ourselves. Taking the stock of reality based on facts can make us feel reassured about ourselves. It brings in a sense of acceptance in us of our pluses and minuses.

Maintaining a record of thoughts

Recording thoughts as and when they occur by writing them down in a diary or journal puts us in a better position to analyze them over a period of time. In a way, it helps us to vent our agonies through writing. It helps us to see ourselves in different respects such as health, working style, and people. Such type of graphic analysis can also help us to develop the action plan on how we can eliminate negative thinking that is hampering our self esteem or the inner strength through positive ways.

Surrounding oneself with positive atmosphere

Positivity from people and surroundings can do great wonders. Being in the company of people who regard us for our good traits always boosts our morale to do good things. Plants or greenery, paintings and colorful visuals, pets, inspiring quotations and music are a few things which we can keep around us to maintain a positive air. Laughter through humor is like an intense cardio that burns away all those excess calories. It makes us inhale more optimism much like oxygen and burn out the offspring of negativity and stress in our mind.

Taking a retreat from monotony

Going on a short holiday, walking down a garden or along the beach, watching a fun filled movie or play or spending time with pets and loved ones can make us relax and heal our inner wounds. It helps us to shed down thoughts causing negative stress on our minds. Involving ourselves in hobbies such as painting, writing, taking piano or guitar lessons, cooking, or gardening help us to de-stress. Pursuing passions not only soothes us but also works up to build our self esteem, making us realize of all that we are capable of.

Seeing failure as a part of success

People with low self esteem often visualize themselves as models of failure. Detaching from the feeling or fear of losing relieves us of stress. Failure and success are nothing but natural milestones in the journey of life. When we fail, we must identify and learn from our mistakes and proceed further. Each of us has been blessed with one or the other capability. When one is not good at football, he may be good at baseball or tennis or even painting. One or two attempts in a venture, alone cannot decide the fate of a person in it. We must keep trying until we excel in an endeavor.

Depression is only a state of mind and not a reality. Low self esteem is an unreal inner ghost which can be conquered to live a better life.

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