Understanding the Psychology of Men

If you think that the psychological needs and expectations of men are different from those of women, you are wrong. The fact is that they are similar in many ways. Both have almost the same psychological needs as well as physiological cravings. Especially, for things that are essential for their survival like food they exhibit the same type of craving. But, as far as psychological needs are concerned, there are certain differences in men’s needs because their approach towards problem-solving is different from that of women. According to experts in Psychology, women analyze problems by looking at several angles and on the contrary, men take up every area of the problem individually for a thorough dissection.

When women hold memories, they do so from the emotional angle, but in the case of men, recalling of memories involves reconstructing the actual experiences. If the differences in the psychological needs of men and women are understood, it will be easy for people to devise appropriate strategies for extracting cooperation and building relationships.

Psychological Needs of Men


According to studies on Psychology of Men, men always want to maintain their self-esteem and so, they crave for admiration, praise and respect from others. For example, in the normal day-to-day life, men expect that they should be respected even if they fulfill their duties like earning well and being a good husband or father. Ironically, both men and women expect and desire for what are known as ‘affirmation’ and ‘acceptance’ in their relationships with their friends, members of their family and lovers.


Pride forms an important part of the psychology of men. Men think that they have to behave smart and show that they are competent because it gives them some sort of pride. They also take pride when they are aware that they have the complete knowledge of a thing or activity in which they have involved. Even if they realize and are aware that they can provide adequate solutions to a problem, they feel proud. This pride is nothing but a symbol of their independence because it shows to others that they do not need the help of others for taking care of themselves. Men think that even socially, they are considered providers because they are taking care of themselves and are capable of maintaining their competence.

Love, Affection, And Support

Psychology experts say that like women, men also need the love, affection and support of others and especially, support and love of the members of their family. They want to enjoy physical affection because it provides them with a sense of emotional completeness. For example, even if they get hugs from their spouses, children and parents, they get immense satisfaction. Some men may look as though they do not crave for affection but, in reality and in their heart of hearts, they may also be craving for love, affection and support.


Emotional health of men depends upon how they maintain and fulfill their personal interests that are extraneous to their relationships or even their profession or work. This is known as “the level of self-actualization.”. When they are able to reach this level, they feel that they have an identity of their own. They also feel special and unique. The personal interests they choose may be anything ranging from voracious reading, excelling in sports and so on. Once they get the feeling that they have a high degree of competence in something, it can be said that they have reached this level.

The study and understanding the psychology of men may be very useful for developing and maintaining good relationships with them. If good relationships among people exist, the entire society benefits.

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