Self help Books for Women

Many times, books can be your best friends, because they don’t ask you awkward questions or force you to make confessions you shy away from. Books make you a better and stronger person, if used properly. There are many self help books of different genre that are quite popular and have helped many women battle their demons.

Finding a good self help book

So you have the intention o buying a self help book, but quite unable to determine as to what should be the best pick. It is good to remember and keep on reminding yourself that a self help books cannot put all your problems to rest. A one that is pragmatic and practical will tell you that while there are many problems in the world, you need to tackle it with patience and will. Take for example ‘The Road Less Travelled’ by M.Scott Peck, a New York psychiatrist. It tells you that life is difficult and you will have multiple ones while trying to find success and happiness.

Self help books that let you tap people power

The people around us are often the most important parameters in deciding the level of our contentment and success in life. If you have a way of winning hearts, feelings of despair and loneliness will seldom bug you. Additionally you will get that confidence to make breakthroughs professionally as well. Get self help books which help you achieve this; you can easily begin with “How to win friends and influence People’ by Dale Carneige, the most popular self help book of all times. Many women swear by its utility because of the lucid easy to follow instructions which are listed chapter wise.

Interesting self help books

‘Tiny Beautiful Things’ a collection of columns written under the pseudonym of ‘Dear Sugar’ is a book that is gaining popularity because of its unique style. Divided into chapters it is easy to navigate through, and has many situations you can instantly relate to. If you want anything less serious then ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ by John Gray is a good choice too. Funnily written, it helps you to develop a more mature outlook towards the opposite sex; and in the process clashes. For those suffering from repetitive failures in heart related matters ‘He is just not that into you’ is an intelligent choice. While it educates you in recognizing dead ends and running away from superficial choices, it creates a happy feeling for the single life of yours.

Maintaining work and life

The other important self help books that inducts you to a smarter and successful you includes titles like ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen R.Covey and ‘the power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. These self help books help you develop an insight into yourself and make you strike the right balance between personal and professional life, and face situations more maturely.

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