Relationship: Sure Shot Ways of Attracting a Man

You may think that making someone fall in love or getting into a relationship is something not in your hand, because it is a matter of individual choice and feeling. But as a woman, there are certain ways that will set you high up the list of getting noticed, or in other ways attracting the attention of men. This is so because men are simple creatures with straight cut needs, and if there is a woman who nears it, they are bound to look back twice. 

Not desperate

The heart wants, what it wants; yes, we all know that it does, but would you please make it a point not to so? This is because while men like attention, too much love, devotion and hope pinned on to them makes them nervous and makes them faster that you can think. Even if a man actually likes you, chances are there that he will he never, ever bring that up if you behave like a teenager. An intelligent woman will be graceful enough not to suggest a relationship too early, as it is against ladylike decorum.

Cool and confident

Remember that when we are talking about attractive women, the most important attributes that comes to mind is poise and confidence. You not need to be super model, or a business honcho to be that. Whoever you are, from a kindergarten teacher to an office secretary, just be confident in your skin. Remind yourself of the positive attributes that you have and put on a bright cheery attitude. Positivity is the honey that makes people flock around you, and men are no exceptions. They want to be in a relationship with someone who knows how to be happy, despite sailing through life’s difficulties.

Groomed to perfection

Listen lady, there must be days when you think that you look like a complete moron, that you hair is limp and face plain, that you might as well be quite a few pounds wrong when it comes to the perfect body; but in reality barring the models and actresses all of us has some flaws and some plus points. We tend to ignore that in our quest to be acceptable. When some tells you that your smile is radiant, or your eyes are nice please trust them. Find out what your most loved feature is and play it up. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in, not something that fashion police dictates. Remember to tune your attire and make up to the event and timing. Everyone wants to be in a relationship with a woman who knows how to dress, and dress well. Take adequate sleep, balanced meals. When your lifestyle is healthy it shows in the glow.

So to sum it up, attracting a man is basically simple, you simply need to love yourself, pamper yourself, and soon enough there will be other people wanting to be a part of it through a loving relationship.

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