Seven Commonly Diagnosed Psychology Disorders

Human psychology is the most complex maze of thoughts, emotions and feelings. It is quite normal to feel fear, anxiety, depression and panic. But when this emotions gain a proportion which is difficult to control, resulting in severe mood swings, altered personalities, loss of confidence one needs to stop and think. Often victims of psychological disorders realize it so late that they are actually suffering from a serious illness that they get drawn into it more deeply.

Causes of psychology disorders

There are many types which are common. In fact the extent and occurrence of the same could also be noticed to have increased in recent times. The reason could be traced to stressful situations, traumatic childhoods or adolescence, broken homes, substance abuse and so on due to different causes/triggers different forms of psychological disorders stem. Due to the drastic change in society fabric, nuclear families etc even children are not spared. Depression, sense of isolation self deprivation is common in teen psychology along with anxiety and recklessness.


These are most common and easy to diagnose problem. Panic is when sometimes a certain thing or situation makes a person go tensed and scared. Say for example fear of height, or fear of spider etc. these are the triggers that makes a person experience extreme trauma. It is easy to treat with the person being made to accept the fear and then take combative steps to curtail the same. Now consider a case where a person checks his wallet a hundred times after coming out of the house to see if the key is there. Or it’s even more embarrassing if you keep on cleaning your armchair handles over and over again or wash your hands a hundred times. This is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Mood swings and bi-polar disorder

There are certain form of disorders that does not only alters the psychology of the concerned person but affects the near and dear ones too. Terrible mood swings, flashes of anger and nervousness or intense depression. These kinds of problems put not only the sufferer but their family and immediate friends experience trauma too. Sadly, if not diagnosed at an early stage bi-polar disorder victims end their own life in a sudden bout of anxiety or trauma. Too much aggression and violence towards others can also be noticed.

Personality disorders

This one you have heard of in movies and crime thrillers, multiple personality disorders. The sufferers could be highly unstable and dangerous. There are others, mostly children, who are thought to suffer from hearing/vision impairments when what they are actually suffering from is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The patients have immense trouble controlling their behavior and focusing on a certain thing.

So to conclude, whatever be the common/uncommon problem that is troubling a person’s psychology, it is difficult to concentrate on the normal life. Know your ailment, diagnose it early and get going to put an end to the disturbing psychology issues and say hello to a smiling successful life.

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