Relationships Issue: Pressure of V Day

Generally, in stores you can find wonderful heart shaped gift boxes right from the beginning of January for providing the opportunity for couples to find great gifts for the forthcoming Valentine’s day. Also, television ads for jewelries as gifts for the day also began to be telecasted well in advance to provide the opportunity for the men to find an attractive jewelry for their lovable woman to celebrate the wonderful day. If you are in love, you will feel the pressure of finding the right gift for your lovable person, which most people in relationships face.

Your intention to dedicate one day in a year for your lovable partner is a good thing. But, the gift should be something that is safe for your wallet and it should be able to keep your love intact as well. Here are some tips to reduce your pressure on the V Day and you can also make your love feel happy on this wonderful day:

Same page as per your expectation

Most of us have certain expectations in life and when it comes to reality, some of us feel highly happy and some feel highly disappointed. For instance, if a lady expects her partner to gift her jewelry and the man turns out with a chocolate box, she will feel let down. On the other side, if he expects a fancy dinner at home and she wants him to take her out for the dinner, the man will feel down. In addition, sometimes, surprises do not turn out to our expectations. They can either be overwhelming or they can also be out of step with the other person’s idea of the stage.

If the man shows up with diamonds and she hopes they are only on the card stage, both of them will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. It is equally true, if the lady puts on a fancy dinner and the man shows up in his sweatpants. To avoid these embarrassments in relationships, it is better to talk well in advance and identify the appropriate gift to honor the day.

Match outlook to the stage of relationships

Generally, the vendors irrespective of whether they deal with jewelry or cards, want all of us to make big purchases on the day. But, when it comes to relationships that have recently bloomed is something different as compared to the one that has seen a full bloom. Even, if yours is a new love, it is better to understand his/her expectations before making your move towards the V Day gift.


It is true that love and relationships cannot be measured in terms of dollars. It should be measured in terms of romance, tenderness and thoughtfulness. A single flower can turn out to be a bunch of long-stemmed roses. A single candy can turn out to be a box full of chocolates. All that is needed is understanding between both of you. Even if your budget is small, your deep love will surely make him/her accept your gift irrespective of its size.

So, what matters on the February 14, in fact each and every day in love relationships, is the affection both partners have for each other.

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