Common Mistakes that Trigger Teen Anxiety

Teen anxiety as the name suggests is anxiety amongst teenagers. As most psychiatrists have recognized, teenage is a very tender time in a human’s life. It has life altering effects; this is the time when a person’s morals, values and personality are shaped. Not only their academic performance, their career is also dependent on these few years. Most young people are aware of this which leads them to over think in their teenage days. Few become cornered due to parental pressure, peer pressure, the lure of easy and fast life and more. All these together, results in teen anxiety or sometimes teen depression.

Causes of teen anxiety

There are many causes of anxiety. In scientific terms it can be genetic or behavioral irregularity syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder and many more. It has to be seen however that what the exact reason behind the teen anxiety are. Many a times a childhood trauma, broken home, parental discord etc could affect the young minds. Sometimes overdose if medication or alcohol could lead to this, the case aggravates if the lifestyle is not healthy. It is very essential that teen anxiety is detected in time to put a check. The problem is that sometimes people go for self treatments further worsening the case of anxiety. Let us have a look at how this happens.

Treatments which are actually triggers of teen anxiety

There are a lot of myths regarding treatments, doing rounds which actually worsen the case of anxiety. The first and foremost is off course alcohol and cigarettes. Known to take ‘the edge off’; they are the most commonplace resort from anxiety that people turn to. But this won’t help a person in any way other than making them a nervous, hopeless addict. If a person is indulging in drugs, then case is even more pathetic. Some people turn to tea and coffee, but too much of that is also not good. Caffeine charges your neurons, whereas certain times calming them down is much more necessary.

Another myth about reducing anxiety is the one about staying alone, or ‘spending some time with oneself’. Most teen anxiety sufferers will prefer to mope alone in their room rather than having social company. But as the mind is restless and sad, the thoughts that come to mind are also full of negativity. Listening to sad songs, melancholic tunes or watching adrenaline rushing movies from horror and crime genre is also not good for disturbed teen minds.

What to do to treat teen anxiety

It is important to follow a certain treatment strategy to lessen anxiety, something suited to the persona of the sufferer needs to be followed. Spending time with family members and close friends, going out and mixing with new people is a good idea. Taking up a new sport or hobby is also advised for fighting anxiety. Having a balanced lifestyle, staying away from high carbohydrate diets, late nights and alcohol etc is also important for treating teen anxiety.

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