Communication Issues in Relationships

An alarming tendency in modern day world, mostly amongst the urban populace is the break up rates in relationships. Most people, though very much attached to each other fail to continue their relationships after a certain period of time. The divorce rates are at an all time high, the children’s growing from broken homes are also increasing. Why is this trend catching up on a time when we are blessed with all the luxuries that a person can demand? Is it because of the overall lowering of morals and commitments or patience level? The answer, different from the above, but surprisingly true is the fact that many relationships fail due to communication failure.

Importance of effective communication

A communication is a two way process, whereby effective understanding of the other person’s viewpoints must be there. Unless and until this happens there is no point in communication. But it is seen between most couples that there are intense communication issues between the two. A difference in mindset, overall viewpoint and below average tolerance is again responsible for this. If there is good and regular communication between two people, then there is very little scope of misunderstanding to creep in. The understanding and bonding is so great by that time that people simply don’t want to let the other person go. The fights and verbal wars are also less.

How to better your communication skills

The first key to effective communication is to listen. This is so because if you don’t listen to the other person then you won’t understand their point and your replies or reactions would also be ineffective, quite understandably. Keeping calm and listening with attention is therefore very much necessary. It is important to be sympathetic towards the other person’s troubles. While giving answer to queries, it is better to avoid answering in just a monosyllable as it shows disinterest on your part.

Communication also needs to be regular in order to be effective. Otherwise you might miss out on each other’s intrinsic life events. Also regular communication increases comfort level between two people to a great extent. It is important to give quality time to each other especially in long distance relationships where two people meet after very long time. Make sure that you are not multitasking while talking over phone because that reduces your attention in the other person’s words. It also makes you come up with impromptu and often ride replies which could lead to a fight as well. Also if you are in a bad mood, try to calm down a bit before starting to talk. Remember that communication is as much as sharing as it is talking.

Effective communication: Keeping your relations strong for long

With effective communication, you not only find people being more close to you, but you yourself will be much more relaxed. As the communication issues in relationships take a back seat you will be good at maintaining your bonds and can concentrate on making your work more productive and also your life more meaningful.

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